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Better in Color

Better in Color

I am late to the Lizzo bandwagon, but boy am I glad I joined. This is also the second time I’m writing this post because for some reason, my first one disappeared. I don’t know how. I’m quite sad about it. Nevertheless, I’d like to thank my pop culture parents, Pio and Janina for getting me into her, because honestly, I couldn’t see how I could have gotten through the past few weeks without her beats.

And though the year end list of favorite albums of the year is still a bit of a way of, I’m sure my other brother Lex would be proud that I’m 1/10th there already because Cuz I Love You is definitely going to make an appearance on the list. And here are a couple reasons why:

Tiny Desk Concerts

I always love Tiny Desk concerts because apart from the physical constraint of space, they have to strip things down and just let their pipes do the talking. And for someone like Lizzo who’s always larger than life in her performances (and you’ll see more of that later), she really works this tiny ass desk (her words) to the max.

I love how she easily goes from one song to the next in a simpler way, with just backing instruments, no back-up dancers, no big stage. Her banter with the crowd is also amazing. I would kill to be in a set this small with her. Clearly, they’re all enjoying themselves. Her belting is over the top amazing. Also, she looks fabulous in the orange.

BET Awards | Truth Hurts

I haven’t seen an awards show in a while — I’ve just sort of lost interest — and moreso in the music awards, though I always look out for performances like this.

Hey, I’m glad you’re back with your bitch
I mean who would wanna hide this?
I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be your side chick

And though we’ve seen the bride like performance before (hello, Madonna and Britney separately and together). But I was so excited to see Lizzo put her own twist to it and boy was it fun.

And Truth Hurts is just sooooooo freaking appropriate to me these days. I find myself talking to girlfriends about how challenging things have been with guys and though there is no guy present for me, I’m kind of glad there isn’t because goodness this song resonates so hard.

It’s always so fun to rap along to this one. Plus, we’ve all taken that DNA test and we are 100% that bitch.

German Late Night TV | Cuz I Love You

I absolutely love late night performances and it seems that for Lizzo, she’s giving it her all, too. Despite the smaller stage (she’s technically performing for a giant-ass crowd watching at home), she still appears larger than life, unconstrained by the stage.

Never been in love before, What the fuck are fucking feelings yo?... I thought that I didn’t care, I thought I was love-impaired

She’s done this schtick before of showing her preparing for her performances as part of her performance (hello, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen) but I love the absurdity of this one, down to the faux photo shoot backstage with two half naked guys squeezing orange juice (lovely call out to Juice, too). And then comes the reveal with her back-up dancers. Glorious.

And this song is just a heartbreaker because we’ve all been there before. And she sings it so damn well, too. The pain of feelings and dealing with feelings when you weren’t even someone who could feel feelings is just a tad too close to home. And why? Because of some dude? Yes, but that’s ok. We embrace the pain anyway cause we know we’re in love.

MTV Push | Good As Hell

I do prefer the more stripped down performances and this MTV one in London was a really good one. Though I’m a bit annoyed that they bleeped out some profanity (who does that anymore?!). I didn’t realise it would be MTV of all places.

If he don’t love you anymore; Then walk your fine ass out the door... And do your hair toss, Check my nails, Baby how you feelin’? Feeling good as hell

Plus Lizzo looked great in her pinstripe suit and her slicked back hair. Girl knows her angles. I am going to steal some suiting ideas from her.

Though not part of her current album, clearly this one was so good, it’s still resonating albums later. I love the blaseness of it all. Focusing on herself and how she’s feeling rather than focusing on how things turned out with the guy. I like the agency of being able to just walk away and still feel good about yourself. It’s something to aspire for.

Glastonbury | Juice

I’ve never been to Glastonbury, but I imagine it would be one of the largest festivals and stages you could do and Lizzo killed it in her sparkly purple leotard and her massive energy. I can’t even imagine how that must have felt for her facing that crowd.

I’m like chardonnay, get better over time (so you know); Heard you say I’m not the baddest, bitch, you lied (you lied)

And to have everyone sing your words back to you and just all that good energy? I’d like some of that juice.

For more empowering Lizzo, Juice really just drives it home in the most fun way possible. I love that confidence of knowing that you’re not even doing anything and it’s just oozing out of you. I’d like some of that juice, please Lizzo and that flute solo, too. I definitely found myself dancing to this in the mornings or at bus stops because you just can’t not.

Today Show | Soulmate

And ending this list with my favourite non-single from her — it was tough because honestly that entire album was (insert fire emoji here, as the kids would say). Yes, I feel kind of silly typing that out now, but here we are anyway, so we move on from my millenial self(or that’s already old now, right?)

They used to say to get a man you had to know how to look; They used to say to keep a man you had to know how to cook; Like damn she the one; That bitch in the mirror like yeah, I’m in love

But I love that she performed this on the Today Show because as much as I love all the other songs, I really just wanted more of this.

And talk about empowerment because this just is the peak of it all for me. All you really need is to love yourself the way you would do a soulmate. I wouldn’t say I’m quite there yet but I’ll give it another hundred more listens and I know I’ll get there. So thank you, Lizzo. This album has been an amazing source of strength and energy on those days I just didn’t want to get up and get out. She’s definitely making it to my year-end list.

Damn, she’s the one.

Currently: September 2019

Currently: September 2019

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