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Party Of One

Party Of One

This week was a great week in music for me, and in an unexpected way at that. Some of I deliberately sought out, others came back up in rotation and others surprised me in good ways. Here’s a peek into what’s on repeat for me as we start off November.

Always Remember Us This Way

I didn’t realise how obsessed I was with the A Star Is Born soundtrack until I saw how many times I had repeated Lady Gaga’s Always Remember us This Way. I listen to the non-dialogue soundtrack otherwise I’d be tearing up at work but this song has stood out as my favourite. I’ll Never Love Again comes out a close second but this still breaks my heart.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody

After watching the trailer for Rebel Wilson’s upcoming Valentines movie Isn’t it Romantic (which I adore already), I couldn’t get Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

I listened her wonderful original, the Fallout Boy cover and the Little Mix mash-up — all lovely! But I end up going back to the original each time. I do want to dance with somebody who loves me!

Party of One

I’ve been recycling old Carly Rae Jepsen music in the hopes she’d release something new and true enough, the start of the month gave us new CRP music! Party Of One is just what I need right now and I don’t know if this will be theme of her new album but I can’t wait for 2019.

Related to this, I’ve been listening to old Carly Rae, with Favourite Colour and Tonight, I’m Getting Over You so really, it’s a mixed bag! I’m very very excited for her new album, though.

I Choose You

I went to my team mate’s wedding this past weekend and of course, the playlist was chocful of the usual wedding hits, but I especially loved that they played Sara Bareilles’ I Choose You.

I love a good wedding (and this was not just swanky, but had really heartfelt speeches), and no matter how many times I’ll hear Etta JamesAt Last or something else, it always makes me feel giddy on the inside. My team mates joked that I knew every song on the playlist. I’m easy, ok.

Always Be My Baby

I was preparing myself for the Mariah Carey concert we had bought tickets to months ago (and I kind of forgot I had them!) but seeing her live (and hitting 100% of the notes she tried to hit) made me realise how many Mariah Carey songs I actually love and memorise the lyrics to.

Top of mind will always be, Always Be My Baby but it made me really root for her. And seeing all the Mariah stans in full force was such a mood lift.

Begin Again

I stayed a bit later than usual in the office this week and somehow, I didn’t feel it too much because I had Taylor Swift songs in the background.

It was a Wednesday after all, so I had to listen to Begin Again and with the beginning of the month happening, it felt like a nice fresh arbitrary start to things.

thank u, next

This girl, Ariana Grande is just churning out songs left and right (and super catchy ones, too) and with her recent break-up, Twitter was aflutter about the title, thank u, next, which sounds like a diss track but turned out to be a nice look back on how she’s grown and learned from each of these relationships. Oh, Ariana. If only I were as mature as you.

All in all, a good week for women in music. Up next, holiday music and you know Mariah’s going to make an appearance there, too. What have you been listening to on repeat?

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Look What I Found

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