fangirl, interrupted is an attempt to put into words and photos, the fangirl ramblings going through my head about almost anything with absolutely no rhyme or reason.



The Origin Story

It all started on LiveJournal. Back in the heyday of the online journal, I started fangirling with other like-minded ladies (95% of whom, I still have never met in real life). We were fangirling before the word even existed. And it was glorious. The community fed each other and I had increasing feelings for many things I didn't know you could even have feelings about.

After a couple of years and the advent of social media, the pack dwindled and my laziness got the most of me. But the fangirl feelings remain -- although now a little more tempered and about more varied topics but nevertheless, still a fangirl.

Fangirl is defined as both a noun and a verb. As a noun: "a female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction." Although I do fangirl on the above mostly, I also do this about food and travel -- though I never seem to find the words. A food or travel blogger, I am not.

As a verb: "(of a female fan) behave in an obsessive or overexcited way." And I think this describes me perfectly. Obsessive and overexcited are my two main keywords despite my ISFJ personality type. And so a study in contradictions this will be!

As always, a work in progress, but progressing forward still. I appreciate you coming by. I hope you come to stay.