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Jenny From the Block

Jenny From the Block

Jennifer Lopez is a lot of things. She’s a Leo for one thing and as a Leo rising, I can only hope this is how people perceive me, because holy cow, she’s amazing. I’ve been following her and amazed by her ever since but it definitely took a dive when Bennifer 2.0 happened. Let’s be real, she dodged that Ben Affleck bullet, but also I was sad because I was firmly in Jennifer Garner’s camp then.

Still, I can’t deny I’ve fangirled hard for her. She turned 50 this year and she still seems to be on the way to her peak because this lady is everything. If I were 1/50th of her at my current age, I would be glad. It’s definitely something to strive for. And after watching Hustlers, it’s cemented. It really is J.Lo’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Here are some of my favorite J.Lo moments captured by her amazing social media team. Because really, she upped her game when she got on the socials.


More than the actual music, she’s a performer. The music was always fun and catchy (hello to all those collaborations back in the day — Ain’t It Funny is my favourite one, but also Hold Me Down! All I Have! I’m Real!) but seeing her perform live just BLOWS me away.

I remember seeing this video a year or so back for a charity thing she threw with Marc Anthony and A-Rod and she performed an oldie but a goodie, Let’s Get Loud and honestly, she was 49 then but I was like, DAMN I wish I had that energy (and that body), let’s be real. I think you’ll find that a recurring theme of these sections is holy cow, I want her body.


I’ll admit I still have some of her movies I have yet to watch — the biggest sin of which is that I haven’t seen The Wedding Planner yet. I know this is sacrilegious. But I’m intending on rectifying this asap. Along with The Back-Up Plan and Second Act, I’m definitely going to do a J.Lo triple feature in the near future.

We all know how excited I was for Hustlers and that shit delivered. Her opening number alone is something I could watch over and over and over again — and believe me, I have. Just her dedication to the craft and how she went all in makes me so very inspired (I type this as I eat chips so maybe not that inspired).

But I have to say one of my favourites from her would be Maid in Manhattan. I’ve seen that movie way too many times. Anytime it comes on ANYWHERE, I will drop anything and see it. Then there’s Monster-In-Law and just the fact that she’s gracing the screen with Jane Fonda? To die for. I love a good fun J.Lo movie and therefore I will complete the triumvirate.

Model & Mogul

J.Lo’s gone through a couple style iterations and some have been interesting, but her current look is just working for me very very hard. This is what money can buy and she’s working it.

From the prepping to the MET gala, to her winning the CFDA Icon Award this year, there’s just no stopping her and I love it. Then of course, there’s the fact that she practically invented Google Search with her Grammy Dress (right) and how she somehow still LOOKS fabulous in it years later is just amazing to me. I have no words.


But honestly, my love for her grew when she got together with Alex Rodriguez (aka A.Rod). How perfect are they for each other? The shortened names! The being at the top of their game (ish!)! The blended families! The social media insanity (more him than her, but she’s gotten on board).

I am so obsessed with them on social, I honestly didn’t know where to start! The workouts together and the dieting together and the documenting of it all, makes me want to find a guy that looks at me the way A. Rod looks at her because goodness knows they’re so supportive of each other.

I especially love when he got her a car (not just any car) for her birthday (even if she doesn’t drive), because why not, right? Then there was the engagement (and her version of it) and honestly, I just want this wedding to happen so badly.

Will this be her last engagement/marriage? God knows! She’s had a couple already but somehow, I hope this is end game for her because they really feel so very MFEO.

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