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Currently: September 2019

Currently: September 2019

This month was tough. The work I’ve been doing for the past two years sort of culminated in a transition of sorts this month and between the transferring of house and all the travel last month and just the stress of getting 1,000 folks (I’m not even kidding) at work to cooperate, it’s been nuts. But here we are anyway, the days went by and we’re still standing. And hopefully next month, we’ll be even better.


  • My new room. It’s more compact than before but it’s also the one that feels most like my own thing. I have a reading chair in the corner (which I use to netflix and knit, let’s be real) and deceptively a lot of storage despite the space. I do wish I had less things (more on that later), but I’m really loving the new space.

  • Discovering new routes — whether it’s bus or train routes to work or walking routes to the nearest food places or running routes so I can get back to training. it’s not quite the East, but it’s a really interesting place to be.

  • The roommate keeps cooking. For someone who claims not to know how to cook, I have been the recipient of many home cooked meals. And this means, I’m doing a lot of washing the dishes but it’s literally the least I could do. I’m quite full (literally) and my heart is full, too.

  • I’m very late to the Lizzo train but she has been so instrumental in me making it through this month. I’ve just played her songs on repeat at the start of the day, in the middle of the day and just any time I need a pick-up. Yes to empowerment, yes to loving myself, yes to being my own cheerleader.

  • My team has been so incredibly supportive during this crazy month at work. I wasn’t sure I would make it out but everyday, I went to work knowing I had 3 teammates (including my boss) who really did have my back. I couldn’t think of another team to go through this crazy hellscape with.

Working On

  • Rolling out the product to 8 countries and making sure it’s working and people are ok with it. It’s been stressful (tears were involved!) and I’m honestly just very grateful for our team of 4, aiding 1000+ users who will now be using the tool we’ve been developing at work. I’m so tired. But so grateful.

  • Getting back into the routine of things and settling in to my new hood has been interesting. It took me almost an entire day to unpack and fit my things into my new room. There are definitely things I’m not used to but over-all it’s been on the up and up. I’m kind of hoping I don’t have to move out again so soon because I just am not a fan of packing.

  • Finally a new knitting project! I was stalled in the past couple of months on old projects from spare thread I had and now I finally get to unearth the thread I bought in Michaels 2 years ago! I’m also trying a new pattern that I wasn’t as used to so there’s a lot of mistakes but it’s very exciting for me.


  • Hopefully I get a holiday in October when the dust settles on this huge ass project at work but i’m honestly just taking it a day at a time. I am so incredibly blessed to have this job, but I also feel like I just need to disconnect for a bit. Hopefully, I find time next month.

  • A time when I can say I’m over people. I’m mostly ok on the over-all but then suddenly, things get dredged up whether coincidentally or on purpose and then “feelings” come rushing back or at least memories (not all great ones). I hope I can be stronger and less fragile when the past comes creeping back.

Keep It

Things! I have so many things! I came to Singapore 4+ years ago with 2 suitcases and now I have 5 (medium) boxes, a chair, a steamer, a bicycle and side table! I tried getting rid of as many things as I could as I moved but when i did move in and unpacked everything, I realize how much stuff I have. I do need to Marie Kondo my life.

Video On Repeat

I will never be over this video of Jennifer Lopez training for her Hustlers dance sequence. Never ever. I think I’ve watched it at least once a night before I go for a run because lord knows I wouldn’t get up from the couch if not for seeing how incredibly disciplined and amazing this woman is.

Can someone please give me 1/100th of her talent and her body and her discipline? Because I definitely need it.

Better in Color

Better in Color