30ish Going on 13

The Adventurous Venture Guy

It had been a while since I bothered to go out. Since I bothered to swipe. You were the last of the swipees and I figured, why not. Just one more time. It was refreshing for you to be so enthusiastic about meeting up. And not even in a creepy way. You seemed so genuine and fresh and just eager to meet.

So I made time and we made time. We were both busy so we tried finding a common time which happened to be 30 minutes for a drink in the middle of the week. Luckily (?) we work nearby and so we grabbed a drink some place I could walk to after work.

And when I met you the first thing that struck me was, damn you’re really tall. I’ve gone out with my fair share of tall folks but you seemed extra tall. And it was interesting to be standing across from you, almost a half your size (I exaggerate).

The banter was funny, I brought my A-game, you seemed entertained (as most folks usually are) but conversation flowed nicely. You were however a self proclaimed workaholic and I definitely heard that. So afterwards, when you invited me to come with you to your friend’s party, I begged off as I already had plans. I didn’t expect to hear from you because well, you were busy.

But I was hopeful and you semeed genuinely nice, so I reached out to make plans and we made plans the week after. I was a bit excited but I definitely tried to calm down. And true enough, we had to do a raincheck. You were busy and swamped. I understood. I really did.

We made plans for the next week and you were still busy at work but made time. The conversation was alright, definitely not as electric as the first time but 2 weeks with no conversation in between can do that. I wonder why I bothered — I thought maybe, why not? And truffle fries will always lure me out.

In the end, you gave me some kisses (the chocolates, not an actual kiss) after you toured me to your office — you had to get back to work. And I thought it was funny. But life is funny that way sometimes. I didn’t really hear from you after, so I guess that’s that.

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