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30ish Going on 13

The Affable Teacher

I hadn't been on Bumble long enough to ever have a follow-through to the date but I finally did with the Teacher. He was nerdy in the way I liked and soft-spoken and very quintessentially British (or how I stereotyped British folks to be).

We met for brunch at one of my favorite cafes (I think I've gone on minimum 3 dates there) and I sense the staff already think I'm a serial dater. He was on time and polite and we got on quite well.

We talked about travel and his hometown and how long he's been in Singapore and how you rely on certain friends to plan certain travel plans. It was all very nice and pleasant. Breakfast probably isn't the best time for sparks but we texted a couple times after, but no immediate plans.

We ended up texting a bit more and then nothing. But then a couple days or weeks (I forget now), we message again on a weekend and spontaneously decide to meet for a drink which turned to dinner and me casually inviting him to drinks with friends I was meeting after. I had thought he agreed to it. So I do that thing where I get a bit giddy at this new prospect -- I dont usually introduce anyone to my friends but why not, right?

Turns out dinner was just dinner and he wasn't going to do drinks and though dinner was again lovely and at a crepe place that I had also brought someone else to before (I stick to the usuals),. This time it was dinner and it was all friendly and there was some (too little alcohol) and still pleasant but just that. I don't know if I'm expecting things to level up too quickly, but there was no advanced lessons, no homework to do. No eagerness to learn more. It all felt like the going through the basics.

And though there was talk of how lovely it was, there were no plans to do it again and the texting fizzled out after that evening and I just didn't bother to anymore. Maybe I should have tried more. Maybe he should have. Maybe I still will. I guess we'll see.

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