Stalking Spurs

30ish Going on 13

The Fast Burn Rocket Scientist

I'd never been asked out for a second date point blank before the first date even ended and so I thought it was a good omen when you wanted to see me again. I thought to myself. How direct. how refreshing. I like this.

The first date was a nice afternoon beer at the place I had been taken on previously that held memories I wanted to forget. And after my second beer with you, I thought to myself, maybe I could forget the first time here.

You told me good stories. You listened well. We were upfront what we wanted but vague about our pasts -- with just enough details to not make us look like malfunctioning adults. You boasted of your culinary skills, I was only too willing to try this out.

Two days later, we went out on our second date. This time, nearer our places of work and nearer your house. We got to know each other a bit more. Over salsa and margaritas, I find out you're older than advertised. When I asked why, it was because you wanted to attract hot mamacitas like myself. I tell you that your real age is still within my 'cut-off'

I found out more things about you, past relationships -- not because I'm trying to pry but because the conversation naturally led there. you answer upfront which impresses me but it also makes me think twice for a split second. But I don't think much of it. I see you're clearly affected that your skeletons are out of the closet so to speak. But I don't mind. A part of me is a bit bothered, but most of me is glad at how upfront you are.

But from that moment, I feel something shift. We still make plans to see each other for a third date before the second one ends. But this time, it's a bit more vague. A little less concrete. And the caveats come in. You'll be away. I'll be away.

I message while you're away. You reply. There isn't much conversation.

We message less. and less.

Until there is no more messaging.

A week or so later, I follow up. You reply. But nothing more. I figure, well that burned out quickly.

Only to find you on another app a couple months later. We match. Interestingly enough. I message first. You reply. We make plans to catch up.

It has yet to happen.

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