Stalking Spurs

30ish Going on 13

The Sporty Litigator

I didn’t even consider this a date. it was more of a friendly thing. Sure, we matched on Tinder, but we knew people who knew people. We had common friends. You were in town and meeting our common friends. I suppose it was more of a friendly coffee.

And true enough, it was. a nice and friendly coffee. And beers. Because there was a beers place right next door and I couldn’t not drop by. Sure, it was like 4pm in the afternoon but it was Saturday, so that’s ok, right? Or did I totally come off as an alcoholic then?

Either way, you didn’t let me know. Instead, we talked about our common friends and how we both knew a bit too much about each other before we had even met. We knew about each others jobs and recent history that it made us skip a bit of that getting to know you and jumped to more random topics like upgrading our bedsheets and a day in the life on the weekend and other things I don’t usually talk about on a first date.

Still, I reminded myself, you don’t live in this city and you were only visiting and so this was but a friendly coffee/beer. And as we said goodbye, I was definitely a bit tipsy (beers at 4pm, remember), as we wait for our cars, I did wish you’d kiss me goodbye. You didn’t. But that’s ok, it’s just friendly after all.

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