Stalking Spurs

30ish Going on 13

The Misfit Musician

I was feeling bold. Why not message first. You had two photos on your profile and you weren't my usual type but I thought, he looked friendly, why not.

I don't get a response in a long time and when you do finally respond, you say you're on holiday but would be back soon. 

And when you're back, you do reach out and you're eager and friendly (not in a creepy way that sometimes happens on things like this). We make plans. It's straightforward. But there isn't much banter to have any butterflies in my stomach.

We meet at a nice little bar on a street I don't usually frequent and though there isn't an instant attraction on my end, you reel me in. You're magnetic and warm and you're a great storyteller. You share stories about yourself and your life and sometimes they sound too absurd to be real and yet, you sound so sincere saying them, it's hard to not believe you. The animated way you tell your stories gives me a hint at the mischief you managed growing up back home. 

You speak about your work and your talents with pride without it being arrogant and it's refreshing to hear someone passionate about their work without it being annoying. You just feel so genuine. I ask questions because your stories are so interesting and you stop me for a while, thinking you're talking too much. And maybe you are, but I like to listen anyway.

We try to talk about me but honestly, I feel like my life has paled in comparison to the tales you tell. It's not knocking my personal stories but the disparity between our life experiences is just so vast, it's hard to be as entertaining. 

We have another beer and you chat up the bartender. Your interest in other people is fascinating. It comes off as genuine. It's enthralling to watch you interact with others. You say you don't sleep much but it's getting late and I have to go. As entertaining as you were, I knew it was time to go.

We walk to the MRT together and we take the same line. We talk some more and at one point, your arm is behind my seat but not quite touching me. Your tentativeness about touching is surprising but welcome. It's so odd to see this from someone from Tinder. 

I bid you goodbye and wish you luck on your projects. It was a good night but I don't feel giddy. You message me the next day and check in. I reply with sincerity. And that was that. Though an interesting evening, I suppose the interest just wasn't enough either way and that's ok as well.

Sometimes, it just isn't there. 

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