Stalking Spurs

30ish Going on 13

The Complicated Scientist

You messaged first and given my very low conversion rate, it was refreshing that you sounded normal. Although it was difficult to communicate over text at first, you made an effort. We talked about holiday plans and things just wouldn't fall into place. I blame the holidays.

You mentioned your job. A scientist That's new to me. And intriguing and suddenly my curiosity is piqued even more. I had never gone out with a scientist before. And I had never been any good at the sciences. My best science class has been chemistry and that's because I liked doing the balancing of equations. Maybe we'd have chemistry.

After much back and forth, we decide on the date and time and I meet you along Club street. We both look like our photos which is good, you tell me. And my accent doesn't sound Filipino at all. Or at least what you've perceived a Filipino accent to be like. 

We go to that rooftop bar that I've only been to once before and sit on the couches. And talk. I think we're better in person than over messaging and I find you to be cuter than expected. We have truffle fries (weakness) and Coronas with lime (double weakness) and the conversation flows. 

We talk about your job and your hobbies (you paint!) and how we both ended up in Singapore. You're taken with me and my boldness and how straightforward I am. But you also laugh at my jokes and there seems to be a mutual interest going between. We sit facing each other and it's silly that I really don't see anything else but you. 

There's a reason they call it the French kiss because I guess you guys are trained to do this and it's more than satisfactory on my end. I could do just this. And clearly, I'm hoping we'll see each other again. And you agree with my thoughts and message me after we both reach home to check in and see if we'd like to see each other again.

It's a Thursday night and I have Friday night plans so we make plans for Saturday night and somehow, you take well to instruction. I told you I liked being checked in on and you message me Friday morning, Friday night and I fall asleep messaging you before the weekend.

Things seem to be going well. 

I woke up on Saturday morning and check in. No reply. A couple hours later. Still nothing. Then you message and say, "this is too complicated for me. good luck and have a good weekend."

I reply with my go-to confused emoji.. 


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