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Currently: August 2019

Currently: August 2019

Well there goes August. If I were in Manila, I’d be hearing Christmas music already because the -ber months officially usher in the holiday season back home, but instead I write this from the sweltering heat that is Singapore in my new hood. August was insane. From the massive travelling to Ghost month to life choices I chose to make, it’s been tiring and erratic. Still, there were lots of good times.


  • The English Premier league is back in my life and this makes me so very happy. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m doubling down on this Spurs fangirling (more on that later on) but also just a new season with new faces and the lovely old ones too. I hope the season is a good one for the team coming from last year’s almost at the Champions League. Fingers crossed.

  • The long weekend in Manila was awesome. I’m glad I was able to come earlier for work and see some friends, hang out with the family and just generally turn off (for a bit) even if it was the usual traffic and fun times in Manila. I’m definitely loving all the food and all the naps I took. When is the next holiday please?

  • The feeling of accomplishment. Sure, we’re not quite near done with this project’s roll out but we’re getting there and with every city we visited, and hearing feedback and doing this presentation at least 25 times in total, I do like the feeling of trying your best and seeing yourself improve (though mostly bungle up a lot of things).

  • Having friends that are willing to let you move in to their spare room when you don’t have the energy to think of looking for a space to live. It’s pretty nuts but I cannot take it for granted how quickly friends came to my rescue when I learned about my living situation. I am eternally grateful.

  • Taylor Swift’s album, Lover was a great way to end the month. I literally got back into the country after 8 cities in 4 weeks and I was packing up my life and it was good to have some TSwizzle to keep me company. It’s got the bops and the softness and I am all for it.

Working On

  • Enjoying the 8-city tour even if I’m tired a lot of the time. There are moments in the trip between flights wherein I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to see the markets and chat with the folks you usually just chat with but that’s tough when you’re tired the entire time. Still, I try to be thankful. Or I’m trying more.

  • Packing up my life again. As I move (temporarily or not so) to a new place, there wasn’t much time to actually pack up my things given the constant travel this month. Luckily, I did a quick purge last month and now, it was just a matter of tidying up and boxing things up again. I am not looking forward to doing this again soon.

  • Recording a podcast with Jeannie! I really enjoyed doing my podcast last year and have been wanting to do another one — just not about dating cause I haven’t really been. So this opportunity to do one on the Spurs team is amazing. Plus I get to collaborate with my cousin Acid and Toby and get to catch up even if they’re so far away.


  • The project’s actual roll out. We’ve been preparing for this project for almost a year now and from things being very abstract to us having to roll this out finally, it’s been quite the journey (and still will be in September and beyond). But we’re one step closer and with the 8-city tour under our belts, now’s the time to buckle up and get ready for the next step. Send me good vibes it’s good times (for the most part).

  • Investing in the future? I don’t know but I’m in that space wherein I’m super worried about retirement (all of a sudden) and how wholly unprepared I am. I would like someone to just tell me what to do so I can literally just follow it step-by-step. So I’m looking forward to researching more on what everyone else is doing. What are you guys doing?

Keep It

This never ending bug. It’s not good guys. Two months in a row where I was sick for a good majority of it. And because I don’t feel well. I can’t exercise. And I don’t even like exercising but because I don’t feel good, I can’t do much and then I feel worse. This chain reaction of physical pain is not my ideal. Can this just go away please?

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