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See You at the Cinema

See You at the Cinema

August just saw a deluge of new movie trailers that are coming out in the fall all the way to December and beyond and I am so easily hooked. It’s interesting how they call came out around the same week and I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. Now to remember to see them all when they come out is another story.

Little Women

I have definitely watched all versions of this movie possible and have read the books and their sequels so I’m pretty much the target audience for this. From the cast (Saorsie! Timothy! Laura! Meryl!), to the feminist vibe to the fact the fact that we’re getting a Lady Bird reunion all the way to Greta Gerwig, this is just made for me.

And when Jo says, “I’m so sick of people saying that love is just all of a woman is fit for, I’m so sick of it!” Preach, Jo! Say it with even more feelings! If they had midnight screenings for this, I would be there.


I love J.Lo. I don’t think I say that enough. I don’t think I’ve done a post dedicated to her, but I should. I just want to have 1/10th of her fitness level and Hustlers definitely showcases how AMAZING you can look at J.Lo’s age (fifty, by the way) if you work as hard as J.Lo.

We all know I love a good heist movie, so this one has the added layer of awesome thanks to the strippers. I just can’t say no. It’s also got Lizzo and Cardi B and Constance Wu (whom I never thought I’d see in a stripper movie) but hey, I like the diversity. Plus something tells me the soundtrack is going to be killer.

Last Christmas

I somehow do not associate Emilia Clarke with her Game of Thrones character because they look so incredibly different, so seeing her in a modern day thing isn’t such a far-fetched thing for me.

It is fun to see Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh in the same film that isn’t Crazy Rich Asians either, so there’s another plus. And though I’m already trying to figure out what the plot of this one is, it’s just nice to get a resurgence of romcoms in my life again. Plus, I didn’t realise this would feature other George Michael songs apart from Last Christmas so that should be something to look forward to this holiday season.


And because one cannot get enough of Anna Kendrick, I’m so excited to see her in more Christmas movies and of the comedic variety. Plus it’s got Bill Hader! Billy Eichner! Shirley McLaine! Disney sure is pulling out all the stops for this one.

And I always love a fish out of water story, it feels very much like Enchanted where magical creatures come to the real world and it just looks like a lot of fun.


This isn’t even the trailer yet and instead is just a teaser and yet, you know I already want to see the entire thing. This entire scandal is pretty interesting to see unfold (especially since it’s so recent).

But also seeing Charlize Theron look extremely similar to Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman look totally unlike herself just brings you into this even more. I’m not sure who Margot Robbie is supposed to be, but I’m excited for it nevertheless.

Take Me Out and Take Me Home

Take Me Out and Take Me Home

See you later, East Coast

See you later, East Coast