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Summer Loving, Happened So Fast

Summer Loving, Happened So Fast

I can now corelate watching Hallmark movies to keeping my sanity. Because while these lovely summer nights movies were playing, I was flying from city to city for work and therefore wasn’t able to watch these in real time. I also felt very stressed and disconnected. Now I know, I must keep on top of my Hallmark loves, to stay sane. And that’s ok with me.

Rome In Love

I didn’t expect to enjoy this one cause I’ve been burned by Hallmark movies squandering their overseas sets and storylines. This one had a crazy one with an aspiring actress, Amelia (played by Italia Ricci, hello to you outside of Designated Survivor!) somehow winning the role of a lifetime and heading to Rome to film this hyper secretive movie. Then comes American journalist, Philip (Peter Porte who had slight Superman vibes) who also works as a hotel bellboy and naturally they fall in love.

There were a tad too many plotlines (journalist writing the story; actress being protective of her sister and so on), so it was hard to just focus on their love story. Though it wasn’t 100% chemistry, it was nice to see new faces in the Hallmark universe!

Summer Sizzle: 🔥🔥🔥


Love and Sunshine

Tried and true lead girl, Danica McKellar plays plant nursery owner, Ally and part time dog foster parent who obviously falls in love with dog’s actual owner, Jake (played by Mark Deklin) active duty soldier who comes home to his family. Honestly, I didn’t see this pairing working because though they’ve been around the Hallmark block, they haven’t necessarily been my must-see stars. But this really worked for me. I don’t know if it was the dog angle or the budding entrepreneur bit, but I really liked their chemistry and how they actually got together in the middle of the movie rather than just at the end.

Summer Sizzle: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

A Taste of Summer

I am liking new faces and new pairings this summer season! Hello, diversity thanks to Roselyn Sanchez playing New York sous-chef, Gabby going back to her hometown to open her own restaurant (aka pursuing her own passions) when she comes up against the ultra competitive, single father/owner of the town’s favorite joint, Caleb Delaney (Eric Winter, who looks like every other Hallmark guy, but I approve).

I like the friendly competition and how they really rile each other up. And I didn’t even mind the children storyline (when I’m usually very against it). It also made me really hungry cause they kept cooking. I wish they had ‘more cutesy’ moments earlier on, bu tI do love a kiss at the end with the camera panning away slowly. Someone pass me a lobster roll, please.

Summer Sizzle: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

A Summer Romance

I have been on the When Calls the Heart train for a while now (thank you, Chinggay) so seeing Erin Krakow in the modern world is always a refreshing thing. Playing Sam, the inheritor of a ranch that’s going under, she needs to find a way to ‘save the place’ from big city developer, Richard (Ryan Paevy and his piercing blue eyes).

We’ve seen this over and over again before — like this literal plotline but Erin Krakow has grown on me and seeing Opal (also from WCTH) was a surprisingly nice touch. I’ll serve whatever she’s serving to be honest. Do I wish there were a tad more fireworks? Always. But they brought the cuteness, I’m easy.

Summer Sizzle: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

All Summer Long

It ain’t a real Hallmark season if we don’t get one of the veterans and I’m so glad that Autumn Reeser (playing Tia, burned out lawyer going back to her passion as captain of a restaurant on a boat) has graced us with her presence because she is much needed in a Hallmark line-up.

And though I’m used to seeing Brennan Elliott (Tia’s ex, Jake, the restaurant chef) as slightly douche-y host on Unreal, his chemistry with Autumn was pretty good that I could choose to forget what I know him most for. I’m not big on boats, cause seasickness is real and I’m scared of drowning but they sold me on this.

Also, Autumn Reeser’s hair (the struggle to grow out my hair is real) and outfits were oh so Red/1989-Taylor with the preppiness and the stripes. I loved it aesthetically. Also, special shout out to other guy in the movie. He was so cute in that preppy way I love, and kind of wished they ended up together.

Summer Sizzle: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

My One & Only

I love how Hallmark tries really hard to get with the times and their recent foray into ‘reality television’ based movies is my jam completely.

I’ll admit that when I first saw Pascale Hutton on When Calls the Heart, I was not a fan. But that’s only because I saw her as foil to the lead characters getting together. But now, she’s grown on me completely and so I was extremely delighted to see her play Stephanie (reluctant searchee on reality show called The One) across eternal cutie Sam Page (playing Alex, ranch hand and accidental ‘other guy’ on the show).

This was such a nice way to end a summer series that really stepped up their game. All the dates and the falling for someone else and general chemistry between the leads was amazing. Pascale’s outfits were amazing on her — it’s so nice to also see her in modern day clothing — and she looked fresh. I do wish I could see them both in more things — and maybe even with each other.

Summer Sizzle: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


All in all, summer proved to be the best season just yet on Hallmark and though I’m sad I didn’t get to watch it in real time (and when I would have probably benefited from the stress relief), I’m glad to have caught up anyway. Let this be the blueprint for future seasons on Hallmark because it was amazing.


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