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Currently: July 2019

Currently: July 2019

I don’t know how I survived July, what with family coming over for 10 days, the Spurs team coming right before and crunch time for our big project ramping up. I guess being sick is the only thing my body could do to tell me I needed to take care of myself better. Did I list? Not quite, but it was a good signal that I had to do something. I can’t wait for this sick thing to be over though. Hopefully soon.


  • Dropping by Ho Chi Minh for a quick trip for work. It’s always nice to get to visit the markets — if I’m not the one presenting anything and this one was a fun offsite that I’m pretty glad I got chosen for. Ho Chi Minh has always been a lovely place to visit and it was nice to rediscover it again with some work colleagues/friends. I don’t mind going on another food trip soon.

  • Friends who are just ready to to help. Whether it’s stalking players and will travel to you after drinks so you’re not alone at the bar or telling you you can move in with them indefintely because you have no mind space to look for new roommates and no time at that, is something that I am so grateful to have and I’m sending out the good vibes into the world. I am grateful.

  • I don’t know about you but this growing old with friends thing sounds pretty amazing. Sure, all the periods syncing up would possibly mean the end of the world but at least on the premise of a loving and safe environment to grow old in? I wouldn’t say no to that. Who’s with me? Should we start investing in houses???

  • The Tottenham Hotspur lads were in town! And I couldn’t be happier. Sure, I wish Jeannie and Toby were here to fangirl with me but I have Suren (who gamely helped me identify a random soccer field only to find out it’s right in our hood and we saw their bus!) and I have random friends I can coerce into taking drinks at the hotel they’re staying at so that we can spot them (and spot them we did!). I wish my eczema didn’t hit the same weekend with this heat so I could stalk them fully.

  • Having the family around. Sure, I was sick for a lot of it, but it was nice to know I could pop in for lunch and see them for dinner and generally just spend time with them. My brother Pietro coming in from the US to help celebrate my dad’s 65th birthday was also a special treat and though I get exhausted from extensive emotional interactions, I still do cherish these times with the family.

Working On

  • Growing my hair out is still a thing! I was supposed to have a trim on the third month but couldn’t wait anymore so I went back after 2.5 and still it’s growing but also so slowly. I don’t know how anyone does this because patience is not my virtue.

  • Cleaning up the room is proving to be a thing I needed to do and now it’s been sped up monumentally with the end of my lease and moving looming on me. Is it my favorite chore? Hell no, but it’s super interesting to realise I need so little and yet have so much.

  • Staying healthy (and by healthy, I just mean non-sick). I spend 3 weeks of July being sick and that was not fun. Whether it was a sore throat, a cough, a cold, eczema, there was something going on 3/4 of the month and I’m not liking it at all. I hope next month I feel better


  • In August, I embark on a crazy 8-country in 4 weeks training/workshop for work and though we’ve known this was coming for a while now, it’s still a bit jarring to know this is happening. Sure, we set the dates but it still sounds pretty brutal.

  • There is however a long weekend in August (four day weekends are the best) and I am looking forward to it so damn hard. It’ll be a bit painful leading up to it, but that mini-break in the start of the month is just everything I need right now.

Keep It

Eczema can go away. I’ve had this my whole life and was only able to diagnose it a couple months back wiht an actual name and an actual cure but I hate it when it comes and it’s just so random, I wish I could time it like my period then I would be better prepared.

Video On Repeat

Forgive me, I’m still on a high. I honestly can’t believe this was shot in the same country I currently reside. Let the adorable times roll. Here’s to more cutesy videos like this. I’m a sucker.

See you later, East Coast

See you later, East Coast

Oh When The Spurs Go Marching In to Singapore

Oh When The Spurs Go Marching In to Singapore