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With All My Heart

With All My Heart

You guys, this is a Hallmark Channel stan page now because I don’t know how I fell into this but I did and now I’m in whole heartedly. I used to watch Hallmark movies sarcastically and now I watch it so sincerely, I found myself bawling my eyes out in the Season 5 finale of When Calls the Heart. Legitimate tears at 2am as I text Chinggay about this because this is not how I thought I would be watching this series.

I thought I could enjoy Good Witch casually like I did — admiring James Denton’s gorgeousness from afar. But then I entered the world of Coal Valley and I was lost. I always wondered who the target market was for this Prairie-based drama with Canadian Mounties and coal workers and school teachers. The answer is ME. I am the target market.

But also, you’ve got to give it to this show for somehow managing to insert the word HEART in a majority of their episode titles. When they go in, they go all in.


All About Chemistry

Let’s be real. The reason people watch this show is because of all the romance in it. And I admit I’m part of that. Hell this is a reason why I watch a shit ton of Hallmark movies. The point being, I didn’t see the appeal before I started watching this show but all the couples on this show are adorable. Let’s start with Elizabeth and Jack. I didn’t know I’d be such a fan but holy cow they sold me on them. Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow are rockstars for changing my mind completely.

As individuals, they’re a bit a bland, but together, it was such an earnest kind of love, I can’t help but really root for them. And sure, if you reach the latest season (spoilers ahead), things don’t turn out the best for them, it was still so nice to see them fall in love and get together and support each other in the most saccharine way possible.

Complete with disagreeing parents because of social strata and exes that still want them back. And the building of a school house for her, or setting up so many candles for a proposal, I honestly thought the place was going to catch fire, to that damn wedding that you know I was all teary about.. I am all for this couple (until I wasn’t — but more on that later). They really did sell this love story to me and I don’t know if I just have a lot of pent up emotions, but I really fell for them, hook, line and sinker.

Adorable Ensemble

And though sure, the first few seasons, I was all about the main love team but really, the entire cast grew on me! Even the children! I usually don’t like kid storylines (and I’m still not the biggest fan) but this time, I can tolerate it! Especially Opal who is this adorable little girl (i know right? Who am I?) who is such a sweetheart to dear Miss Elizabeth

But apart from the kids, I love most of the side characters, especially Rosemary and Lee Coulter, who I honestly didn’t care about to begin with, but who really grew on me! Like intensely! I kind of can’t see the show without them and I wish they’d be considered more of a lead, but I think that’s slowly changing with the latest season. But they’re such a joy to watch on screen.

Then there’s Carson (another Doctor — I swear, what is it with me and the Hallmark doctors)! And Henry, the reformed baddie who they’re trying to make good now. And even Jack Wagner, or rather Bill Avery, former constable who’s probably been paired up to every girl in town. Somehow, I care about them, too!

Life After Drama

Spoiler, spoilers and more spoilers abound here so stay away in case you actually care. I doubt it, but can’t say I didn’t warn you ok?

So we all know Lori Loughlin had to leave the show because of Operation Varsity Blues but given that I knew this coming in to my marathon, I’m actually pretty ok with her character’s departure. Abigail (her character) was always a bit more holier than thou than the rest of them and that’s saying a lot of the goodie two shoes cast of this show. I do feel bad though cause it seems like the cast was really really close and so that sucks.

Then they killed off Jack — and still a mystery to me why Daniel Lissing would leave this show — but I guess he was getting bored with his character? There is honestly nothing on the internet on what happened so it’s a bit hard for me to pin down but given that 2 of the ‘big 3’ leads left the show, I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the latest season. Super side note, but Mountie Jack became SO MUCH more attractive to me when he would speak in his Australian accent outside of the show. But I digress.

Prairie Throupling

And the new guys! I can’t choose! I see both actors in too many Hallmark movies to count but it’s so interesting how they went the route of one Mountie Nathan Grant (again, for more heartstrings) and a ‘bad boy’ saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard!

I hope they prolong this love triangle — the show tends to give up on a coupling pretty quickly — at leat for my standards — but I would like them to build them both up men a lot. I want more of the scenes just like in the carnival in season 6 when they’re both trying to show off. I don’t want a guy to lead the race. I want them both to be so good with Elizabeth, she ends up choosing being a throuple. Yes, that will shock Hope Valley alright.

I can’t believe I was able to catch up on all six seasons and I’m a bit annoyed I now have to wait an entire (half) year till it comes back into my life, but boy am I glad that I gave this show a chance because clearly, it was just waiting for me.


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