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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

It’s no surprise that I would fall into the rest of the Hallmark blackhole given my devotion to the movies (despite the cheesiness) and how I’ve already dipped my toe into Chesapeake Shores. It was only a matter of time before I fully took the plunge and having sampled a bit of When Calls the Heart, and Good Witch, I decided to immerse myself completely in the Good Witch universe first.

Why? Well, let’s be real. James Denton was a big reason. But also because it was the shortest and easiest to binge. Here are a few of my favourite things about this insanely wholesome show that reminds me of 7th Heaven - the religious aspect + the not so witchy part to it.

Non-witches and Bitches

It’s not even really about witches or at least what I’ve expected out of witch-related shows (i.e. Sabrina — both Netflix and the Melissa Joan Hart One; Charmed and even The Craft) and I kind of love that about it. It just has Cassie who can ‘sense’ things with her gift and it’s always so incredibly positive. This is definitely far from any witchery going on.

The kid angle doesn’t bother me too much. Sure, I’m usually not the biggest fan of kid angles and I usually zone out during these parts but this one, has Grace and she’s grown up quite nicely — and seeing her Instagram — it seems she’s also a pretty stable kid so that’s always nice. The ex-wife bit was also a lot annoying but still handled in the standard Hallmark way of things wrapping up nicely. And I can believe this can be true.

Small Town Living

I love a good small town drama (hello, I loved Gilmore Girls) so this feels like a very watered down version where all the weird side characters (the mayor, the not so evil-evil cousin, the restaurant owner desperate for love) are actually really nice foil for Cassie and her family at the center of it. Also, the small town stores and how they all make money with everyone giving everything on the house half the time. I’m both baffled and just go with it anyway.

The BnB concept allows for new characters/plotlines for Cassie to exert her all-knowingness and though you definitely know how predictable things will be from the beginning — and how things will end, it’s still fun to see how everyone’s always just pleasantly surprised when Cassie comes through.

Kissing PG-7 style

All the freaking wholesome kissing. Lips closed, barely a peck but lots of it — or a least later on in the seasons. It’s hilarious and amazing how wholesome this entire show is considering both Sam and Cassie have children (they must have procreated somehow), there’s always just that chasteness to all the episodes that is both cringeworthy and applaudable.

But really, James Denton is a hottie. I can’t stress this enough. I remember him as Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives but seeing him now as small-town doctor from bigshot New York, Dr. Sam Radford and reasonable father to that slightly annoying son, but also such a good neighbour and friend to Cassie — I’m dead. Honestly, this man has aged so well. I am all in.

Really at the end of the day, Hallmark shows always make me feel lighter about everything like things are going to work out somehow. And really, that beats the heaviness of prestige drama any day.

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