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Currently: June 2019

Currently: June 2019

And just like that, we’re halfway through 2019. I wonder how time feels for my parents because it feels like it’s full speed ahead for me. June was pretty fun and interesting with me slowly coming out of my hermit life (I still try to hermit when I can) and seeing friends, old and new. I wonder what the second half of 2019 has in store for me. Bring it on, I say.


  • It’s month 2 of the Summer of Keanu and between Toy Story 4 (yes Duke Caboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman), appearing at a YSL fashion show (holding hands with Alexandra Grant) Keanu appearing in a freaking xBox video game (should I start playing video games now?!), there has been a constant flow of Keanu content. Even my favourite podcasts are talking about him. And though I am thoroughly pleased, I’m also very scared for the eventual drought that will befall us. I hope the summer extends to autumn because I’m very spoiled and won’t know how to deal.

  • The Philippines celebrated our independence day from the Spanish regime on June 12 and it was a pretty hard day work wise. So I went for a late lunch at my favourite Mexican restaurant, Muchachos, only to find that they were having a PH Independence Day treat.

    Like, I didn’t even know that was a thing that was possible from my favoruite restaurant, but it was. And So I am so incredibly happy that it happened. And so I had garlic rice and lechon in my burrito bowl rather than my usual lengua (ox tongue — which is really glorious). This was a really nice touch to a pretty tough day. So yay.

  • I hit a rough spot with books last month so this month I thought I would just lean into the gloriousness of romance and young adult and I have been rewarded. Chinggay recommended Star Crossed and I am living for a lead character who is male that is into astrology and believably so. I’m also shockingly enjoying Red, White and Royal Blue even if sometimes I get shades of fanfic but it has politics, royalty and love so I can’t say no. I’m also really enjoying How To Date Men When You Hate Men cause no I don’t hate them but it’s a funny dip of the toe back in the water (headspace-wise, that is)

  • I’ve given in completely to the Hallmark Channel and finally caught up on Good Witch and When Calls the Heart and I have no regrets. It’s taking my love for Hallmark to a whole new level and honestly has just filled my nights and weekends with joy. Sure, it’s cheesy x infinity but when you lean in to it and just accept it for what it is, it’s pretty damn awesome.

  • I watched Toy Story 4 (yes there’s some Keanu in it) but really, it made me cry. I don’t know when it started to be honest but I caught myself just bawling in the movie theatre and checking if my friend was crying too and yes, I wasn’t alone. I don’t know what it is about these movies but they hit straight to the heart. Clearly, I’m a sucker.

Working On

  • For some reason, I’m doing a Sorkin re-watch/bingefest. I know that I have SO MANY new shows I need to get on, but for some reason, re-watching The West Wing or Studio 60 (yes, even this one) or The Newsroom and discovering Sports Night for the first time is actually really fun to do. There’s something so comforting about re-watching old favorites and I could re-watch Sorkin no matter how controversial and polarising he is — over and over again.

  • I once again want to try for a half marathon in the Singapore marathon at the end of November. I actually was tempted to sign up for the 42KM, but then on day 1 of thinking about it, I realised I should probably try to improve my 21KM time before I even attempt to do a full marathon. But this time, I’m going to be way more conscientious about the warm up and cool down and doing my physio religiously. Let’s see if I actually figure this out.

  • For reasons I don’t want to go into anymore, there’s a water stain (a pretty bad one) on the corner of my room and because I’m cheap and don’t want to have to pay someone to do it, I’m going to trust YouTube and the internet to help me solve this one, except it takes days and patience — things I’m not very good at. I hope it goes away. Would hate to have to pay an absurd amount of money for something the internet says I can fix. Here’s hoping.


  • The parents are coming to Singapore next month! It’s almost an annual event at this point and I’m really grateful they’ve got the energy and health to do so. I still don’t know what we’re going to do given they’ve been everywhere here, but it’s good to know the new mall at the airport has opened cause that will take up a lot of our time. Still pretty excited for this.

  • Sayaka is coming to visit in July! I haven’t seen this lady since forever and I’m just glad to spend even just a drink with her. I wish I were better at keeping in touch but it’s always nice to have friends you can just pick up where you left off with. Too excited.

Keep It

E-scooters. They’re just not for me. Or at least I tried it and I didn’t think I was going to survive half the time. Sure, they probably weren’t meant for long distance travel and the route from the office to our neighborhood (I went with some colleague-friends) is probably like 7km long but 10km if you follow the parkway connectors. And I was just super tense the entire time. It’s the same tension I feel when I’m driving an automatic car that isn’t mine (I learned to drive on a manual and anything else stresses me out). So I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this feeling but I was stressed.

Video On Repeat

Younger is back in our lives and I couldn’t be happier. I hope this season is just fan service but we know there’ll be drama. Still, I’m so glad I’m finally all caught up on this show.

With All My Heart

With All My Heart

Here Come the Brides

Here Come the Brides