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We Are Tottenham

We Are Tottenham

As we all know, I’m very new to this football business. God knows why I didn’t get into it sooner, given the staggering amount of cuties there are in it, but lucky for me, I was baptised into the football family thanks to my cousins Acid and Toby. And given my newness to this all, I thought I would share my favorite moments from my first EPL season.

Apparently, I came in at the perfectly right time. What with the Top 4 finish for Tottenham Hotspur and their Champions League finals appearance (despite the loss), I didn’t have to suffer very long unlike the other fans around. I’ll take it.

So Many Injuries

I don’t know if it was just me, but given I’m new to this, I don’t know how often players get injured but it felt like half the team was injured at one point of time or more.

And because the bench ain’t as deep as others would like, it felt a bit tiresome at times. Still, because of all the injuries, it was nice to see players that aren’t usually played shine and really step up.

From Llorente, to Sissoko, to Wanyama, and of course, Moura, it was just really nice to see the full bench play, even if people weren’t used to them starting or scoring. It also gave me a good opportunity to get to know the squad well. Because lord knows it wasn’t just Kane playing this season.

Like a BOSS

You’ll notice that most of this list doesn’t talk a lot about skill or playing but instead of cuteness (I’m shallow like that), but whomever sealed the deal with BOSS must be thanked because the guys look VERY very good in their BOSS suits.

A reason I like Spurs so much is they all look so clean and nice (and that’s when they’re sweaty and playing) — so imagine how gorgeous they’d look if they cleaned up. And clean up well, they do.

Can they do more suiting appearances please? Yes, I approve completely. Or just walk the fashion show? Or just like play in the suits? I’ll take anything, really.

Show Me the Sponsor Money

Usually, when teams do sponsored anything, it’s a cringe-fest that I wouldn’t bother watching, but for some reason, their sponsor videos are actually pretty damn entertaining. Sure, you still cringe, because these guys aren’t the best at talking the camera (and let’s be real, they don’t have to be), but somehow, these ones actually were pretty good.

The cooking videos are pretty cringe-y complete with the chef and the nutritionist talking but it’s always nice to see them try to cook and pretend to find the food really yummy. Anything with FIFA is bound to be fun just because you can tell they actually do this — and they tend to be more comfortable.

I do love me a Mauricio minute but more on that later. Anytime their skills are put to the test is always fun because they get so competitive and you know they all want to win so badly but are trying to play it cool. But Ask Me Anything types are the best and shockingly, they were so comfortable looking in this one. I like it too much.

Cute Coaches Gonna Coach

I love Poch. Mauricio Pochettino is not only super lovely to look at, but he’s such a magical guy. I also only realised very late in the game that his son, Sebastiano was also on the coaching staff and that is nepotism I support. Because damn, that child is also very handsome.

I love that the coaching staff has been with him forever and that they’ve all been together forever and so their bond and the accents and just Jesus being Jesus is such a treat to watch. I really like when they let all the coach’s shine because they’re quite funny when you let them be.

But back to Poch, him answering the internet’s most burning questions and getting emotional over the March to Madrid and letting him guess his players as babies (because emotional!Poch plus Spurs!babies are always adorbs.

Doing it for the Kids

Anytime children are involved, I am all over it. The thing about football players is I guess they all kind of settle down early and procreate fast. And damn, why shouldn’t they because those babies are the cutest.

I didn’t realise there was this thing called the Lap of Appreciation where the players literally just take a walk around the stadium at the end of the season to thank the fans. But wait, the babies are involved. And what an adorable walk that is — for the kids that can and can’t walk. Jan’s kids are adorable. Hugo’s kids are gorgeous. I definitely want to match Toby’s daughter and Eriksen’s son.

But really, watching Uncle Sonny interact with ALL THE CHILDREN beats everything. It’s pretty controversial that his dad is quite outspoken about not settling down (having a wife/family) while he’s at the top of his game because seeing him with everyone else’s kids? Priceless.

I don’t even want kids but if Sonny needed them with me? Who am I to deny this guy who is clearly amazing with them this right? I’ve watched this video ten million times, enjoy.

Stars, They’re Just Like Us

Obviously, celebrities are also fans of sports and though Zac Efron’s support as quite controversial, it’s still fun to see him go to the stadium (that I was literally at just a week before) and look at how big that smile is? Fanboys gonna fan.

Then of course, there’s the legit fanboy, Steve Nash, who I’m only familiar with because I have a father and 3 brothers who all spoke of basketball at all points of my youth (to present day). And damn, he really is a huge Spurs fan and it’s so lovely to watch him.

He’s quite vocal on his Instagram and his socials so it’s always fun to follow him and see him cheer the team on. And he cried alongside everyone else when we made it to the finals. We feel, you Steve.

We’re in the UCL FInals!

I know we didn’t win, but the journey getting there was insanely crazy. Given my newbieness to it all, I didn’t even know this existed. I thought it was the EPL and that was it. But of course, there’s a bigger competition that everyone seems to care way more about and I get it. To be the best club in Europe? Who wouldn’t want that.

So despite the loss in the finals, the campaign getting there (and all the damn content we got along the way) was such a win. I can’t wait for them to try all over again come the next season. But also, hot damn, I’m so tired for all of them.

Nothing Beats Live

Obviously, nothing trumps this one. I still can’t believe I was able to enter the new stadium, watch from really amazing seats and see Moura kill it with a brace and Wanyama score one for the team. I’m still pretty much in a daze from how beautiful the stadium is in real life but also from how different it is to watch a game live.

Sure, I was wearing six layers of clothing but it was all worth it. It would be a dream to go back and see the whole squad at White Hart Lane but that was a pretty special day regardless.

I’m so grateful to the Cragg Family (via my cousin Acid who’s now a Cragg) for letting us use their season passes. The seats were amazing. The pitch was so close. Everything was just a dream. I’m still in disbelief that I was there.

And what a fan journey it has been for me. I feel like I did the fast track version without all the suffering and just straight to fun times and the cute times. Rest up, lads. See you next season.

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