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Here Come the Brides

Here Come the Brides

I love weddings. If you invite me to yours, I will show up. It doesn’t matter where it is or when it is. I just love witnessing folks make that commitment to each other in front of people (including me) and just the entire atmosphere of it.

And so when Hallmark puts on their wedding specials, you know I’m all in for it. So though I wish it brought a little more oomph, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.


Wedding March 5: My Boyfriend’s Back

How this is the fifth movie in this series is beyond me. I think I paid attention to maybe the 2nd movie but the rest of it has been a blur to me.

And it doesn’t help that there were 3 couples in this instalment — sure there was only 2.5 but I was honestly having a hard time keeping track of all the plotlines. Between Olivia and Mick (the original couple, Jack Wagner & Josie Bissett) trying to surprise each other on their ‘first date anniversary’ to Annalise (played by Cindy Busby), up and coming wedding planner who’s trying to get funding for her own company by proving to an investor how great this ONE wedding is going to be while confronting her ex-boyfriend/best man of the wedding, Brad (played by Tyler Hynes). I just didn’t have energy or brain space to care about the actual wedding that was being planned.

Something tells me though that despite how not great this one was, we’ll see a part 6 because now Olivia and Mick are finally engaged and you know they have to show that wedding.

Put a Ring On It: 💍 💍


Wedding at Graceland

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first movie Christmas at Graceland. But I was hoping that maybe adding a wedding to this one would change my mind. It didn’t quite get there. Awkward singing and just too much annoying parents trying to plan their kids wedding and it just didn’t make any sense at all. And for all the fussiness of both sets of parents, the end result of the actual wedding wasn’t anything to write home to.

I will say that Kelli Pickler looked amazing in her wedding gown but the rest of it was really just a big pile of meh. I hope they don’t make a third movie to this but something tells me they will.

Put a Ring On It: 💍 💍


Love, Take Two

I am pretty shocked by how much I enjoyed this one. Apart from actors I haven’t seen before (hello, non-white Hallmark!), the plot was actually pretty meta. I’m a sucker for the behind the scenes of a tv show (hell, that’s almost all Sorkin) and though this one is obviously firmly set in the Hallmark universe, I liked how current it was (complete with influencers and social media) without it being too try hard.

Heather Hemmens plays Lily (hotshot TV producer) who of course falls for one of the contestants on her show (who also happens to be engaged to someone else). But I actually also wasn’t annoyed by the real fiance Brynn, played by Tara Erica Moore (aka the influencer). So over-all despite there not being an actual wedding in the end, there were lots of wedding theme everything in the show and that was alright.

Put a Ring On It: 💍 💍 💍

Sister of the Bride

I didn’t even realise there was one more movie left in the group as it came in on the last day of the month but I’m glad it did because it sort of brought the average up of the season.

Two sisters get engaged at the same time — with one being the stable couple who have been together for years and the other have just been together for 6 months, co-professors, Stephanie (specialising in anthropology, Becca Tobin) and Ben (teaching Economics, Ryan Rotman). And though I found myself agreeing with the parents on all their “are you rushing into this” talk, the leads kind of sell the idea of just jumping in.

I have never felt older in my life when you start to agree with the parents POV in these things rather than the young & not too reckless leads. It did make me want to go on a vacation and just lounge by the pool. But a girl can dream.

Put a Ring On It: 💍 💍 💍 💍

The Last Bridesmaid

I got a heads up on this thanks to Chinggay who was actually in the US watching this premiere on Hallmark channel for realzies. But because I was on the other side of the world, I had to wait for it to be available to me and I’m glad I got the heads up, because this kind of saved the June Weddings season for me.

It’s no Bottled with Love (aka You’ve Got Mail), but the Hallmark version of 27 Dresses was just what I needed to save this season. Becca (maid of honour extraordinaire, played by the super amiable Rachel Boston — who I now want to see in more movies) somehow finds herself falling for Kyle (wedding videographer by day, aspiring documentary film maker by night; played by Paul Campbell). And they do sell me on it.

Apart from the gorgeous settings (the white glasshouse, the flower swing, everything!), they really did have that special chemistry even if we all know where it’s going. Also, Becca’s wardrobe in this was pretty gorgeous — special shoutout to her yellow dress because it gave me How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days yellow dress vibes and we all know I’m a sucker for yellow.

Now let me go dig up some Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston Hallmark movies because they were pretty adorable.

Put a Ring On It: 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍


We get a slight break in July cause the official Summer Nights only begins in the end of July, but I’m glad this season wasn’t a total bust — even if I did have pretty high expectations because hello, weddings are already built in to be successful. I guess it’s not always the case.


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