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Extremely Camp and Shockingly Pink

Extremely Camp and Shockingly Pink

I honestly didn’t know how they’d top last year’s theme of Heavenly Bodies for me, because I personally loved the 2018 gala so much, but life goes on and so does the Gala and this year, they focused on Camp: Notes on Fashion based off of an essay by Susan Sontag.

Do I know what camp is truly? Probably not. But I did listen to a couple podcasts and read a couple recaps on the meaning and I’m still somewhere in between. Still, I thought this tweet said it all.

And so, without further ado, I present my favourites from the evening. Did any of them hit the mark in terms of the theme of the evening? Probably not, but I don’t think it’s a perfect attendance every year with regards to the theme. These were just what I loved looking at.


The Hosts

This year was hosted by Lady Gaga who came off her huge A Star is Born run, Serena Williams, forever GOAT and of course, Harry Styles whom I honestly missed seeing because why not — the opening for my new favourite British Harry is always taking applications.

Lady Gaga

She changed four times guys. I have nothing else to say.

But really, her collaboration with Brandon Maxwell has always produced elegant and lovely pieces and they came out 4x in a couple minutes. If I had to pick my fave, it would be the second one with the umbrella because shockingly, it was the most understated of the bunch.

Harry Styles

Being decked out in Gucci for his entire freaking tour, I was hoping for some floral suits from him, but I guess that would have been too predictable for Harry and so instead, we get sheer tops in black. A bit subdued for me, but I won’t complain.

Also, I don’t mind a reunion between Kendall Jenner and him, to be honest. Can we make this happen please?

Serena Williams

It’s always so fantastic to see her and husband Alexis Ohanian out and about, and one day maybe she’ll bring the baby along too, but I did love her bright yellow Atelier Versace outfit and of course, in custom yellow Nike’s. It’s both fresh and her and just looks comfortable. I approve completely.


The Pinks

I’m not usually one to root for pink on anything. I get what it is and it does have it’s moments — and I guess the Met Gala was the perfect time for it. There were other runners-up in my list — Lana Condor, Naomi Campbell and the ten million other folks making us blush in pink seemed to be everywhere. Below are some of my faves.

Kacey Musgraves

This was honestly my fave of the evening. The Barbie look and the feel and just the everything was amazing. Moschino was obviously a big player this evening and she embodied Barbie so freaking well. The arm, the look, the smile. I adore.

Elizabeth Debicki

And this was just pure elegance with the pale pink and the giant ass bow from Salvatore Ferragamo. I don’t know if it’s the height or her classiness, but this just blew me away. I don’t think I’ll ever have the occasion to wear a big ass ribbon but I wouldn’t mind at all.

Laura Love

I’m really having a second think about my averseness to things pink (I think it was scarring from being told I couldn’t be pink ranger as a kid) but Laura Love got me all tied up in ribbons with her Rodarte dress. Seriously, a tall order for me to like because ribbons and pink aren’t my schtick but it works so hard here.


The Pop!

If there was a time to go full on pop, it’s tonight and I found that these three went there without looking completely absurd. They just hit the right notes for me.

Janelle Monae

The Picasso-inspired piece by Christian Siriano was pretty amazing. Apparently, if you check out the videos of her, the eye blinks and the massive amount of hats were just so right. Would I ever wear this? No, but she looks damn great.

Hailee Steinfeld

When I saw this look on the Viktor & Rolf runway, I thought, now where the heck would you wear that? Well I guess the knew about the gala’s theme this year, because the entire collection would have been perfect. I’m surprised not more folks chose from this (but I guess it would have been a bit too obvious). And it was cute that Hailee got to represent. Very fun and youthful.

Tracee Ellis Ross

For more Moschino in our lives, Tracee Ellis Ross looks ultra glamorous but still chic in this and also just has the right amounts of fun. This is like a photo booth elevated — you get to ham it up for every photo in your own frame. I sense a Halloween costume I don’t mind walking around in.


The Pants

It’s always lovely to see a pantsuit on the red carpet and in the past few years thanks to suiting and jumpsuits, I am all over it. These just brought them to a whole new level.

Elle Fanning

She is amazing. So young. Such great style. And she just leaned in so hard. I love the colour. I love the mood. And of course, it’s MIu Miu. Sometimes, muse and designer partnerships are just so right and this combination is always a winner.

Danai Gurira

Stop everything. I want it all. I want her arms, the ability to look this great in a tophat, the cane, the low cut vest that just looks damn sexy and the entire attitude. Gabriela Hearst does suiting so well. One day, I will afford a knock off!

Bee Shaffer

I’ll give it to Anna Wintour’s daughter for showing up in Alexander McQueen and I’m not surprised. I love the large flower and how it’s a new wait to put a train on a suit. Note to self for future suiting needs that would need a train.


The Blooming

For anyone that knows me, I’m not the biggest fan of flowers. Not that I don’t like them, I just don’t think they’re my thing. But when I see them really well done, I take notice.

Josephine Skriver

I didn’t even know who this model was (I’m very out of touch) but see her dress from behind and then seeing the lovely headdress details, I was blown away with her Jonathan Simkhai confection! Hello, spring!

Rachel Brosnahan

I haven’t seen a single episode of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, but she really stood out for me in her Erdem gown. It wasn’t as voluminous as Gaga’s and surely wasn’t the top floral, but the combination of both, just worked for me.

Alexa Chung

This one flew under the radar for the most part, but I really enjoyed how understated (considering the theme and the person!) look that Alexa brought with her self-designed look! Who knew? Not your usual Met Gala fare, but very chic.


The Sparkles

And clearly you can’t do the Met without some shine and with the theme this year, folks went all out. I couldn’t list them all, but I also loved Mindy Kalling, Awkwafina, heck even Miley Cyrus went glitzy.

Emily Blunt

She’s just a queen. She looks so good in whatever she does and in this golden Michael Kors look, she just is 24K gold. She threw in that gold headdress and bag for good measure. And it had gold flowers too. I wonder if it’s hard to sit in this with all the edges.


I wish to look 1/100th as good as she looks at her age. Repeat 10x. If anyone can pull off this figure hugging, plunging, thigh high slit with a massive amount of sparkle, it would be J.Lo in this Atelier Versace craziness. 7 hours to prepare was worth it. Of course, I ship her and A.Rod. Please let them last. I want more Met Galas for them to come.

Henry Golding

And why not throw in some Crazy Rich Asians in there. Mr. Golding looked foiiiiiine in his shiny, shimmering, metallic Versace tux. What a great way to make his first Met Gala appearance. Nothing boring about this look at all.


The Spectacle

But of course, we leave the sensational for last. There is a reason this is the Met Gala and there is a reason camp is the theme. So why not just go for it.

Cardi B

Honestly this dress looks both so comfortable (to sleep on) and uncomfortable (to wear). But Cardi B did Thome Browne justice — and only needed help from 6 other guys to make an entrance. Damn that looks heavy.

Ezra Miller

I love that the guys tried a bit more this year. And from the corset to the pinstripe Burberry suit to the mask and of course, the freaky eye make-up (which I suspect is going to be everyone’s Halloween costume this year), Ezra was not shying away from the theme. I’m still freaked out to be honest.


And finally, the belle of the ball, there isn’t a year when Zendaya doesn’t kill it, and I am all in for her Cinderella moment. The behind the scenes was cute, too. Sure, we’ve seen the light up dress before, but we’ve never seen the fairy god stylist, the literal glow up, and the freaking glass slipper left on the stairs. All hail.


Still not my favourite theme but that’s going to be hard to beat, so I’d say not a bad outing for this year’s first Monday of May. I hope I have the chance to see the exhibition in person. Which were your favourites?

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