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Currently: April 2019

Currently: April 2019

What. a. month. It’s always a crazy month when you factor travel plans in, because of the stress of turning over to the stress of returning to a mess of emails, but really, when you add a triathlon and a concert and friends visiting and family leaving and coming and work and life, I’d say April was nuts.

Welcome to Quarter 2 of 2019 and boy was it a welcome. I can only hope for a calmer May and June, because I’m not built for this much excitement.


  • The John Mayer concert was everything. The last time I saw him, we were covered in rain because outdoor venue in Manila so this time, we were safe and dry inside the Singapore Indoor stadium, but there were tears all around because John knows how to bring the house down. Witnessing it with Miss Macy and my sister Pamy (in another section) and my cousin Miguel (in those lovely floor seats) was just the best. He sang most of my favourites including Edge of Desire, so I can’t complain. Please come back to us, John. We miss you already.

  • I always look forward to my big trip even if I’m not gone for that long a time — i can’t do more than 10 days because anxiety about work is not fun but this was probably one of my all time most relaxing trips ever. I don’t know if it’s because there was no pressure given the repeat cities or the fact that I knew someone was waiting for me in each city to just take care of everything. There is a fantastic side to solo travel (and technically, I still did), but there’s also comfort to having someone there with you. Thanks to Chinggay, Acid & Toby and Nikki for making me feel right at home with them.

  • For some reason, on the many airplane rides this trip, I couldn’t focus on the amount of movies available, so I decided to try my luck with shows and I fell in love with The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes which just gave me house envy and was oh so very high brow. And so I had to mix in some camp with Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing: LA for all that drama. And guys, I am obsessed. It’s fun to watch them both in alternate so you still get the beautiful houses but you feel inspired by one and are laughing to bits in the other. I highly recommend.

  • I’m always late to the country music game — I was late to Taylor, Kacey and now, Maren Morris but boy do I get obsessed when I get there. GIRL is a masterpiece and I went back and retroactively listened to HERO on repeat and they are just testament to my love for country pop. From The Feels, to All My Favourite People, to Shade and Make Out With Me, I honestly wish I had cowboy boots and pretend I had a twang. I need more.

  • Though I don’t gush about it much, I’ve seen 90% of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and intend on completing the remaining 10% — points for guessing which ones I haven’t seen), so seeing the final instalment, Avengers: Endgame was pretty awesome. I had bought tickets for the Wednesday night screening only to be gifted with tickets (with better seats) for the same night, so off I went. And though I am usually a person with very low expectations (and therefore high satisfaction), it was still a nice surprise to be impressed with the concept and the script and everyone’s bit part — and the timing of the schedules! But really, all spoilers aside, I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring everyone back together. You can’t say no to that big a box office success. I’m sure they’ll find a way.

Working On

  • Getting my immune system back up. It always happens to me. I fall sick right before a trip, then get right back sick after it. I don’t know if it’s the stress or the anticipation or what not, but I was getting a sore throat right before the flight and when I landed, I had it again. I’m glad I don’t get it while I’m on vacation, but the photos of snot I sent to my parents were apparently not very good. I should probably listen to my mom and drink some vitamins. Like regularly.

  • I think mostly, I worked on mentally preparing myself for the triathlon while I was away. Cause individually, I did as much (or as little) training as I could get away with, but in the end, I’m glad I took the 10 days off right before it, so I could kind of just not think about it. I’m still in shock that I honestly survived it.

  • It’s difficult guys, but I’m trying my best to grow out my hair. I haven’t had ‘long hair’ since 2012-2013 when it was at my chest and at it’s shortest, touching my collarbones. But there’s a reason I always cut it and keep it short, I can’t maintain it. Still, for some strange reason, I’ve been stalking hair accounts on Instagram and have sort of decided to try to be patient with this growing out process. It’s not fun, but I went to my sister-in-law, Ashna’s salon and they told me to wait for July for my next trim. This is way too long for me (I get a cut every 4 weeks) but I suppose, it’ll be a lesson in patience — which we all know, I don’t have. Wish me luck!


  • It’s been too long since we had Carly Rae Jepsen music and though Julien hasn’t been the bop I’m hoping for, I have liked the previous singles and can only trust in CRJ’s ability to craft a fantastic, holistic album. Speaking of anticipation, Taylor Swift has teased ME! to the highest heavens and though it’s not my favourite single (then again, I haven’t really been in love with any of her first singles), I am very much welcoming to this return to colour and sparkles. Goodbye darkness and reputation era, Taylor.

  • I also don’t talk about it much, but I’ve actually caught up with my Game of Thrones viewing (I stopped in season 5 just out of laziness and made sure to be caught up before the premiere this month. And though things haven’t been as impressive for me the past couple of episodes, I have high hopes for this much hyped, much talked about series finale. Honestly, Jon and Dany can go away and I wouldn’t care, but I’m probably alone in that.

Keep It

I am not here for any and all cheating allegations on Prince William. I know that nothing is impossible but for the love of everything, this better not be true. There are all the memes in the world that talk about this and from my understanding, it’s a year old rumour that somehow resurfaced and I don’t want to have any of it. I can’t even acknowledge this being true because it’ll break my heart so much, but can we just focus on the cuteness of the family and how Louis is adorable and how George is fabulous and Charlotte growing up so nicely? Yes? Let’s delude ourselves? Yes. I agree.

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