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Spring Blossoms You To Me

Spring Blossoms You To Me

There’s something about spring that fills the cliche for love blooming. And I am not complaining. I am here for all of this. Vulture made its case for the season and I’m not going to argue with them.

The flowers, the palette, the filtering of the everything. I’m going to give it to Hallmark. So far, I’m liking this season more than the winter edition.


A Brush with Love

I wasn’t ever a fan of Arielle Kebbel (playing Jamie) in whatever teen show I was watching her on but to be fair to her, she was always set up as the other girl vying for the lead’s affection so it wasn’t a strong case. Seeing her as the lead though and a very likeable art teacher/paint store entrepreneur at that in this movie was pretty refreshing. She also looked really nice in all her pink clothing.

I’ve also never really seen lead guy, Nick Bateman (playing Max) in anything and if his wiki is to be trusted, it must be his first hallmark movie and though he is pretty, I wasn’t buying their chemistry too much. Or at least, I just wasn’t as hooked. Compared to other guy (this is a movie with another guy — perfect guy vision-boarded-into-being), Max was definitely the more ‘real guy.’ And in the end, though cute, probably one of my lesser faves in this season of shows.

Spring Fever Reading: 🌸🌸🌸

Easter Under Wraps

I don’t think we’ve found the right leading lady for Brendan Penny (playing the do-gooder chocolate factory manager, Bryan) because so far, I haven’t been super sold on anyone — not even Lacey (Gasp!). And though Hallmark was branding this as their first Easter-themed movie, I didn’t quite see the Easter bit, but maybe that’s because I still have the Jesus-Easter connection.

Still, it wasn’t bad at all. Though I kept taking a double look when I’d see Fiona Gubelman (playing undercover child-of-owner, Erin), I kept thinking, is this Taylor-Swift-Fearless-era? From the blonde curls to the spring looks, I kept expecting her to break out a guitar and into song. Nevertheless, the movie was sweet as candy.

Spring Fever Reading: 🌸🌸🌸

Flip That Romance

I wasn’t sold in the beginning because Tyler Hynes (playing Lance) wasn’t selling me on his character in It’s Christmas, Eve, but then after watching this movie, he’s actually quite charming. So I guess it was LeAnn Rimes.

Nevertheless, given my obsession with all things home (I’m still obsessing over Million Dollar Listing: LA, I don’t mind a good home makeover spin to things and playing a contractor and a house flipper (Julie Gonzalo as Jules — not very far naming here) is all my HGTV dreams come true. I’m sure in the hands of Lacey Chabert this would have been a whole new level, but this was actually quite cute complete with Asian representation — one day we’re going to get Asian leads!

Spring Fever Reading: 🌸🌸🌸🌸

True Love Blooms

I haven’t seen Sara Rue in ages (well, since Popular, even if I know she’s been in other things since then). And she is just a pocket full of sunshine as Vikki, community garden enthusiast and just a well of boundless energy. I was thinking of napping before watching this movie but her energy definitely kept me up.

And though I couldn’t quite place where I’ve seen Jordan Bridges (real estate developer, Chace) before, I’ll give it to him for convincing me he wasn’t the usual cold businessman with no heart character. From the get-go, I knew where this was all heading — I’ve seen too many of these to not be able to predict the ending, but it was still pretty cute watching them get there. Turning his minimalist office (read: barren) into a verifiable forest to the cute old person love story.

Spring Fever Reading: 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Love to the Rescue

I was a bit hesitant about this movie because Michael Rady (playing Eric) isn’t my go to leading guy and there were kids involved, but then on the flip side, it had Nikki De Loach (playing Kate) in it and I’ve loved everything she’s been in, so it was a wait and see.

And I’m glad I did because it’s surprisingly one of my more favourite Hallmark films. Opposites attract as widow dad (uptight regional manager) and divorced but totes amicable with husband mom (creative director but actually animator) — and I know these because they literally showed their job descriptions on their glass office doors, fall in love as they co-foster a loveable dog for their kids.

You know where this is going but it was a delight to get there. I suddenly want to watch everything Nikki De Loach is in and I kind of want Michael Rady to be paired with her more cause it works for me. A lot.

Spring Fever Reading: 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Bottled with Love

Ok, game over. This movie just won me over. I was a bit doubtful at first given the ‘critics’ said it was the best movie of the year (and though I wouldn’t go that far, in the Hallmark Cinematic Universe), I will say, it was the best movie of the bunch. And though I shouldn’t be surprised because Bethany Joy Lenz (playing Type A super employee, Abbey) was pretty adorable in Royal Matchmaker last year, I wasn’t ever a big Haley fan on One Tree Hill but now I kind of want to see her in everything.

And though I’ve always found Andrew Walker (playing prodigal son, Nick) very cute, I realise I need to re-watch all of his Hallmark movies (because upon looking back, I’ve watched quite a few and now want to pick a favourite leading lady for him), so this was a fantastic refresher.

Their chemistry was OFF. THE. CHARTS. And sure, we’ve all seen the You’ve Got Mail plot line ten thousand times before but they played it out so freshly and just the way they’d look at each other was unreal.

You’d think I’d be fatigued from watching 5 Hallmark movies in a row — I do them chronologically because I’m a sadist like that, but I’m glad I did, otherwise, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch anything after anymore. I think this is joining my hall of fame of favourites next to Summer Villa and Autumn in the Vineyard. Someone hold me, I can’t go on.

Spring Fever Reading: 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 (yes, it gets an extra one)


With the not so stellar Winter movies, and the pretty awesome Valentines ones, Spring has definitely brought it. I’m excited to see what Summer brings. Until then, Hallmark friends.


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