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Currently: March 2019

Currently: March 2019

Better late than never right? I thought I would get a better handle on these things, but it looks like I still haven’t gotten into the groove of anything. Nevertheless, I persisted and here we go.


  • Started the month with a super lovely weekend trip to Bali for my awesome friend, Janna’s thirtieth shebang but also because she was graduating from a super intense coding bootcamp. I’m super in awe of people who dive head in to things and I only wish I could emulate this. The weekend was lovey with massages all around and fun times to be had. I wouldn’t mind another.

  • My dad and mom are quite the Netflix lovers these days and it’s such a nice reversal of roles ot have them recommend ME things. My dad and I have pretty similar interests in conspiracy and government and spy related shows so Secret City was quite the revelation! I kept telling myself that I would just watch one episode per week, when in truth, I finished it all in a day.

  • I was pretty blessed to have been gifted with tickets to concerts this month. Attending Maroon 5 with Ami was super lovely. I hadn’t seen them live since a very long time ago in Manila and it’s pretty nuts how he literally just didn’t stop. Adam Levine was a machine. Also fun, was watching cross-over album of 2018, HONNE for my sister Pamy’s birthday. A more intimate show but they sang EVERYTHING. The entire catalog. It was a treat!

  • For more loveliness this month, I caught Captain Marvel and it’s been a long time coming to have a female-led Marvel movie and I’m glad that they finally did it. I really did enjoy Wonder Woman so I had pretty high hopes for this one and due to my complete lack of knowledge of the origin story of this comic, it was all a nice surprise to me. Brie Larson (though not liked by all), was a delight for me!

  • I ended the month with a quick day trip to Manila — because I’m horrible at planning my life out. I don’t regret it though because it’s always nice to see the parents — even for a split second and have some lovely home cooked food. It’s also really nice to be there for your godkids and my godson, Teo turned one. So I love that I have the means and energy (somehow) to make these day trips home.

Working On

  • I take for granted that I have 2 of my siblings living in this country with me and this month we celebrated both their birthdays — Lex and Pamy, our in-house Pisceans. I definitely don’t appreciate this fact enough and I am working harder to be more mindful of spending time with them. I shall do better!

  • I’ve only been ‘cycling’ on a road bike since February so March was all about prepping for the duathlon — spoiler, I survived, but barely and making sure I can finish the triathlon next month. I don’t think I’ve ever done this much physical activity in my life and I don’t think I ever want to again. Still, it felt pretty good to finish that duathlon. That second run, was of course, brutal. Just trying to conserve energy but also wanting to make sure I don’t finish last is a great motivator.

  • I’ve been getting these skin allergies for years — like since I was a child and for some strange reason, I never was able to put a name to it. Well no longer! I have eczema and though it’s not as horrible as others, it’s so nice to finally put a name to it so then I can treat it better. It was pretty bad getting it the alongside the duathlon but we push through with air conditioning and creams.


  • I haven’t seen John Mayer live in a while (the last time, I still had a Motorola Razr in Manila and so having Miss Macy come over to catch him with me is just perfect. I have my usual favorites that I hope he’ll sing and it’s just really nice to have miss Mace come visit again.

  • Then I also go on my first ‘long’ holiday next month starting it off with a birthday celebration for Chinggay. It’s so funny that Macy and Chinggay saw each other in LA as well this month and now it’s our turn to catch up. One day, our Future Media empire will travel together, too.

Keep It

Mercury in retrograde is real. I know not everyone buys into this, but somehow, shitty things coincide with this and I wish I just a) didn’t believe in it and b) shitty things didn’t happen during this period because it is a VERY long time. I’m just glad we’re almost there, but I am not a fan.

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