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Currently: February 2019

Currently: February 2019

For the shortest month of the year, it’s also my favoritest one just because I get to celebrate my favourite holiday (my birthday) on this month. And so I always look back on this month with lots of fondness because 2 other siblings celebrate their birthdays, too. I do wish February had a couple more days to it.


  • Given the 3 countries my family is split across, it’s always nice to have 2 of those locations sort of near each other. So when I found out that 2 of my US-based siblings would be in Manila on overlapping weekends, I definitely made it a point to come home and hang with the gang even for a short weekend. And it was just a rad time of eating, eating and eating some more. Clealry what we do best.

  • I also turned 32 this month and that’s pretty crazy. I don’t think I ever thought of myself being this age when I was a child. I definitely thought of myself as an 18 year old and maybe even a 25 year old but 32? Not quite. Taking a day off on my birthday was a luxury I’m glad I could do and it was a nice, quiet day to myself.

  • And though I was the literal last person out of the water, I’m really happy to say that I survived my very first discovery-sprint aquathlon (Swim-Run) thing. It may have been an extremely short course (250m swim in open water then a 3km run), but I was deathly scared of swimming in open water and was just focused on a) not drowning and b) not getting so tired I’d have to quit. And that’s a check on both. So yeah, I finished last in the swim in my division, I’m just glad I survived.

  • I’m late to the Sex Education party but it has been a blast being in it. I think I’ve gone the opposite of my former self — really indulging in copious amounts of television and so now I kind of try to keep what I watch to a minimum (not that my list is of any prestige level), but this was definitely a great addition. I binged through all 8 episodes one day in bed and it was amazing. Gillian Anderson is a goddess and needs to be in everything.

  • Random interactions that happen in Singapore. I was at dinner where tables were very tightly spaced — almost like we were having dinner with the folks next to us. And my friend, Shernan and I ended up striking up a conversation with two British dads (one based in Singapore and one visiting his friend) and because we were so close, we ended up striking up a conversation only to find out, one of them was a Tottenham Hotspur fan and could help me find tickets for a game if I was ever in London! Sure, this could happen anywhere, but it’s always nice to have this happen in Singapore.

Working On

  • Now that the aquathlon is over, I need to seriously gear up for the duathlon (a run-bike-run) and honestly the cycle really scares me too because my groin can’t survive a couple kilometers so 12km cycling where it can’t be the most leisurely of paces is freaking me out. Thank goodness for roomies that are willing to take me with them as I torture my groin.

  • Though I have a gazillion magazines to go through, the rom-com issue of Entertainment Weekly was just glorious. This is why I still subscribe to magazines. For covers like this and features like this one. It really did cement my love for the romcom and it’s watered down version (the hallmark movie). And that cover. I wish to look 1/10th this amazing 28 years from now.

  • Given my very bad habit of buying too much thread for projects (i’m really bad at following patterns and so I end up just guestimating how much thread I’ll need), I have so much excess yarn. And so it’s been fun to come up with again, patternless projects that will hopefully amount to something. What will it be? God knows but it should be fun to keep myself occupied with a new knitting project.


  • My friend Janna is turning 30 and finishing her coding bootcamp course in March and so we decided to go visit her in Bali! I haven’t been since my 31st birthday last year and so it should be fun to return to this clearly commercialised but amazing island that’s just a 1.5 hours from Singapore. I feel so lucky to get to do these weekend things and I’m very psyched for it.

  • This is crazy but it won’t sound so crazy if it’s true but Taylor Swift’s resurgence on Instagram is pointing towards new music and honestly, I can’t wait. And by the looks of it, I hope it’s not dark, angsty Reputation-like because though that was fun, I do miss old-school Taylor.

Keep It

So during the said aquathlon, I was wearing a full suit up to my knees and my entire torso was covered but 2 days later, I somehow discover red gashes on my thigh and stomach area. This freaks me out because my teammate just got shingles and I was deathly scared I had gotten it too, somehow (don’t mind how this isn’t possible). The point is, I go to the doctor and it’s said that a jellyfish may have just swam by me causing this. How crazy is that? Now I have to put some creams on it and drink some medicines. I’m not a fan.

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