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The Cupid Above

The Cupid Above

Though February is known as the month of love to most, to me, it’s the month of birthdays. Three out of 6 of us siblings celebrate our birthdays this month and my brother, Pio was born on Valentines (so was my grandfather) so I never have to think of Valentines as a Hallmark day because it’s a birthday!

Still, one can’t help but think of romance this month and I surely got bombarded by it with the insane amount of Hallmark movies I watched (more on that in another post). And so I thought of going through my current list of folks that make me swoon, because let’s be honest, you can never have enough.

Peter Gallagher

I finished watching Grace & Frankie’s latest season and hot damn, he is ageing so so very nicely. His character Nick makes me have hope for my old self. But then I realize I’ve been swooning over Peter Gallagher my whole life. When I first saw him on While You Were Sleeping, even if it was mostly Bill Pulman you were rooting for, he looked handsome as hell sleeping through the movie. Then in Center Stage where he was a tad bit pretentious but definitely made me want to become a ballerina to get his approval. But clearly, it was his turn as Sandy Cohen, the best dad ever on The OC that really made me fall.

And now seeing him as Nick and stalking his Instagram (because he’s hip like that) and seeing him with his kids and wife (whom he’s been with forever!) I don’t want to jinx anything! Let’s just say, I love the mundaneness of it all and what a ‘normal’ guy he seems like — even if he definitely is far from it.

Mark Ronson

With awards season in tow, it’s hard not to see too much of people. And though there is Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s crazy intense chemistry, there’s also, Mark Ronson and his adorable geekiness. He was nominated for co-writing/producing Shallow from A Star is Born and therefore he is everywhere. I first discovered him back in the early aughts for his album Version because the song Valerie with Amy Winehouse was my jam. And I’ve loved him ever since.

But I don’t think he’s gotten as much coverage at all (or I haven’t noticed) until his awards season nomination. And so I went on a deep dive because I was worried this growing crush would be problematic (was he a bad boyfriend? he’s been divorced and was engaged to Rashida Jones but over-all no abuse or anything publicised; is he racist? has he done dumb ass tweets to regret? nothing thus far).

But really, he looks cute in that cool/dorky kind of way and gives the awkwardest interviews but does a mean DJ set so all is well. He’s a nice balance and I like it.

Christian Eriksen

Given my love~ for Tottenham Hotspur and their many very good looking (and talented players), I can literally go through the roster and find someone cute, but lately I’ve been obsessing over Danish midfielder. Don’t ask me exactly what that means but I’ve seen him score some pretty awesome goals and talent only makes him hotter.

I also realise how young a lot of these players are. Like extremely young. And yet they all have wives (beautiful) and kids (adorable). Maybe it’s because he celebrates his birthday in February or maybe because he’s been really shining these past few weeks without Kane and Son and half the team, but I like it. I hope he doesn’t leave. Because that would make me a very sad fan.

Jon Lovett + Ronan Farrow

Finally, I don’t know if it’s possible to crush on two people (as a couple) maybe it’s more I ship them? But nevertheless, as individuals, they’re amazing and as a couple, I’m in love. I’ve been listening to the Crooked Media podcasts since forever and I only recently (a couple weeks maybe?) realized that they were a couple (and for a long ass time at that).

And ever since that discovery, I have been spiraling in my love for them. Every mention has more meaning and every Instastory, so much more joy in my 24 hours. I wish Jon had a public IG because I would be all over that thing. So instead, I comfort myself with the knowledge that ad reads for the New Yorker will always have a special mention.

The Feels

The Feels

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Goodbye, 31