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A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell

I would never consider myself a sporty person. I casually dabble in activities and casually fangirl over specific sports folks. Sure, I follow a couple athletes on social media but mostly because I find them affable human beings who happen to be AMAZING at their sports. If you asked me to name their records or known moves, I would be stumped and that’s ok.

So with that preamble, this week had a lot of sorrow for me with two athletes I casually stan (can one even stan casually) breaking news of a non-great variety.

Andy Murray

Ever since I realised I could stan athletes, I adored Andy Murray. Not just for his effort on the court but for his thoughtful (and sometimes snarky, but always feminist) post-game press conferences, said he’d need a surgery and may retire from playing professionally.

This breaks my heart because I would have loved to watch him play Wimbledon (also my favourite grand slam) and yet none of that has come to pass. Watching any grand slam requires a lot of planning — and though I do like to plan, I am also lazy so this has led to me not having been to any.

His retirement will be a great push for me to finally plan my tennis grand slam tour because though I’ve seen a WTA or two in Singapore — that doesn’t require any planning at all.

As happy as I am for him that he gets to retire on his terms, it’s still pretty sad considering how much pain he’s been in and how much he’s forced himself to play. I hope it’s not the end, but it if it is, then what a way to go. Here’s hoping it all turns out ok.

Mousa Dembele

Then, after much speculation, Mousa Dembele of the Tottenham Hotspur squad announced he’d be moving leagues!!! And though I’m very new to all this football goodness, it always sucks when one of the good ones gets away — and boy was he good looking, too.

After discovering him on the very attractive Belgian squad at the World Cup last year, it was such a pleasant surprise to find out he played for the Spurs because then I could continue my love affair with this gorgeous (and very talented player).

And though he had an injury and I barely got to see him dominate the field, it is with great heartbreak to hear he’s leaving the league I’m slowly falling in love with.

I know I can definitely find a stream here and there for Guangzhou’s games but it wouldn’t be the same. Still, a good send-off from his mates (with bonus Jan as well), and be assured, I’ll continue to wear his kit with pride (which really, timing-wise, couldn’t have arrived on the worst possible date, ever). What is timing, life?

For a casual stan, this week has been tough. Here’s to a better year in sport, where my teams actually win and I drink way too much beer in the process.

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