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No Chill

No Chill

Sincerity is so hard to come by these days. Everyone’s always striving to be cool and unaffected and detached and I just can’t be bothered. I’ve waxed many a time about being anti-chill and though before I found this to be a weakness of mine, I look at it now as strength.

I could dampen my my non-chillness at times — I know that I may tend to go overboard. But sometimes, sincerity and eagerness has its perks. And here are just a few times I’ve seen it in action this week that made me go aww and not cringe. See, sometimes anti-chill works.

How to Be Alone

I just finished reading How to be Alone by Lane Moore and I really really liked it. I didn’t necessarily relate to the abandonment chapters (that shit is super tough) so I really just wanted to give her a hug the ENTIRE time.

Telling people who actively want to find love that they should stop wanting to find love so they can find love is like telling a depressed person they can be happy only once they don’t want to be happy. What the shit is that? It makes zero sense
How to be Alone by Lane Moore

I did, however, adore the chapters on being in relationships or looking for them. Chapters 11 and 12 were just all highlights for me. Like entire paragraphs and I keep going back to the passages. Every single page had something I would highlight until the entire 2 chapters were just paragraphs after paragraphs of highlights.

On a side note, I sometimes worry that people looking at my Goodreads bookshelf will be worried about my mental health with the titles of the books I read (How to Be Alone, How to be Single and Happy) but know I’m ok and just like validation in my echo chamber of books I read.

The Golden Globes

I love me a good awards show and the Golden Globes are always fun because the results are always bananas but a good way to start awards show season. I thought A Star is Born was going to sweep this one, but that’s another post all together, I suppose.

Apart from me loving the fashion of a few of these lovely ladies, a speech is a great way to show some sincerity and character and non-chill (I mean if you can’t in a speech, when can you?!) so hearing Sandra Oh’s much lauded speech with her just looking so happy to be there, it melted my heart. Also, any time her parents are in the frame, I melt. I love a good parent cutaway and Mr and Mrs Oh bring it with the cuteness.

And though she and Andy Samberg may not be the most obvious choices for a host, I thought they did pretty good (all things considered). I liked their bit on overpraising people instead of roasting them even if it fell flat a bit there. But her heartfelt lines about seeing this moment of change and being part of it was quite impactful. Representation does matter.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Speaking of the Golden Globes, it was really nice to get a preview of Andy Samberg in all his glory because this show that I thought I had lost (and turns out was saved) is back in my life and I couldn’t be happier. As a comedy, it’s A+ but it also has just enough eager to please in it that makes me go awww.

From Amy’s teachers pet vibes to Jake’s wanting Holt’s approval. To Terry’s hug heart and huger pecs. To Charle’s longing to be the best best friend ever to Diaz’s secret softy ways — and even Sully and Hitchcock sometimes try really hard. This show is just all kinds of earnest and sincere and super funny to boot. They are nothing if not effort-filled and I love it when shows are trying and make you know it.

I’m glad the first episode did really well — like in your face, Fox, really well. I hope it does really well on NBC because I can’t afford to lose it again.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

I really liked watching Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana (I know, if you did the math, you’d know I was 19-24 when it aired, so sue me!) and I was always rooting for her so when she went on her downward spiral and crazier days, I was really hoping she’d come around.

And though I can’t say I’ve ever gotten back to loving her as much as I did then, I do still make sure to sing either the Climb or Party in the USA whenever I do karaoke as a form of support. So when the photos leaked of her tying the knot over the holidays, I freaked and fangirled because she just looked so beautiful and in love and all that good stuff.

But then, Macy sent her happy birthday post for Liam and I died all over again. This entire list (and the fact that she shared it on social media!!!) reads like a reverse 10 Things I Hate About You monologue and I am all for it. I love when devotion of this kind is shared with all of the world and though I should be cringing, I’m not because I’m just so happy for her. She’s gotten her happily ever after and she’s not ashamed.

What are you guys not chill about? I need more love and happiness in my life so please, please do share. I’m all ears.

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