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Feels Like Heaven

Feels Like Heaven

I always look forward to the Met Gala because the fashion is always pretty crazy. I've only been to the Met once in my life (back in 2005) and apart from it's appearances on Gossip Girl, I wish I could go back some time. I'm no critic and I definitely swing more on the appreciation front more than anything so this isn't going to be an intellectual discussion at all (when was I ever even in that sphere)? Instead, I will fangirl.

And this year, the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination was a super interesting theme to me (not only because I am Catholic) but because a lot of the fashion I saw strangely had a tarot calling to me. I was telling Chinggay how I got major tarot vibes from a lot of the fashion and I suppose it was natural. 

Disclaimer: I'm not very good at tarot despite the fact that I've been reading off a book since I started dabbling in it when I was in college. But it's fun and these looks really called out to me. And so behold, my ambitious Met Gala 2018 x Tarot vibes recap because it's two birds with one stone. And I feel ultra competitive. 

Major Arcana

The Fool

This was Ariana Grande's first Met Gala which is hard to believe but she looked oh so lovely and so new to this journey in Vera Wang is just a vision and a great start to the tarot journey.

The Magician

There's something quite magical and very Merlin-esque to me about Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren. Maybe it's the jewelled headdress but I love the richness of the velvet and of the entire look. 

The High Priestess

Hands down, Rihanna brought the house down as co-chair of the event and maybe it's the papal-looking hat, but she brings all the divine vibes in Maison Margiela by John Galliano. She's done so well.

The Empress

I don't know if it's because she's a mom now (she's always had her Met Gala game on), but Blake Lively in Versace was bringing all the earthly mama feels. I feel so proud of Blake and how far she's come from the good old Gossip Girl days. This also makes me miss Leighton.

The Emperor

I can't even with Chadwick Boseman right now. He just commits to things in Versace and brings it home. Someone get this man more movies because I need to see him on more red carpets ruling everything.

The Hierophant

A lot of folks probably found it sacrilegious but I thought Taylor Hill was so amazing in Diane Von Furstenberg. Bring on this twist on convention and tradition. A little on the literal side but still looking amazing.

The Lovers

I couldn't not include Amal Clooney, co-chair of the Gala and her husband, George Clooney. Her Richard Quinn pants/skirt ensemble has been done in the past but she can do anything. She always looks so good.

The Chariot

Who better to embody overcoming adversity than Jennifer Lopez? She isn't new to this rodeo and still looks smashing every single time, no matter the controversy. It doesn't hurt that she looks fantastic in Balmain, too.


Maybe it's the Queen of Dragons thing, but Emilia Clarke radiates strength in this Dolce and Gabbana look. Her makeup is fierce and she is owning this thing. Come on, dragons, come out to play.

The Hermit

There were a lot of hoods on the red carpet but Kate Bosworth in Oscar Dela Renta just had the most hermit vibes. She just looks so peaceful.

Wheel of Fortune

Seeing Lily Collins in Givenchy was one of the reasons I got immediate tarot vibes because she just hit me with the Fates look. From her make-up to her hair to the way she carried herself. I just want three of her now. And I wish I had noticed her past looks earlier.


More than looking like a boss, Zendaya in Versace just felt like she would cut through any bullshit and straight into the truth of things just the way justice would. Every year, she just makes me love her more.

The Hanged Man

It's polarising opinion but I thoroughly enjoy my share of KUTWK, so seeing the sisters (and Kendall's nth Met Gala) on the red carpet is always fun and I've always crushed on Kendal Jenner. So seeing her in Off-White looking so pure in her pantsuit -- the hems of which would be interesting seeing her upside down. 


Another of the first looks that made me think tarot right away was Imaan Hammam in Zac Posen. The structure of this shroud just says it all. I'm in love.


There were many challengers for Temperance but each time I'd look back on Gigi Hadid in Versace just really won it all. The two tones of her dress made it look like she was standing on water and the ground at the same time in true Temperance fashion. Ethereal, amazing.

The Devil

Lazy depiction because of the red but I had to include Anne Hathaway in Valentino (of course) and she's looking every bit luxurious and dominant. I also love her makeup and hair. I couldn't not involve her. 

The Tower

For more Valentino and just major Tower shake-up vibes, Frances McDormand really brought chaos and change and just a different look than what we've seen from her or this entire Gala. 

The Star

There were other contenders for the Star too, because of all the gold and glittering and just The Gala. But Anya Taylor-Joy in Dolce and Gabbana just exuded hope and a really star-like quality. 

The Moon

I didn't even know Nicole Kidman was at the Gala but whomever I had listed as the moon was definitely kicked off the list when I saw her in Alexander McQueen with literally the moon on her dress. Talk about mystery.

The Sun

I haven't gotten on the Cardi B train just yet but she is killing it in Jeremy Scott and just brought an entire ray of sunshine with her in this crazy amazing dress. 


I also didn't see Janelle Monae until the last minute but she is the BOSS in her Marc Jacobs ensemble. She can be judge, jury and executioner any time for me.

The World

And because we couldn't have a Met Gala list without the girl that has it all every single time, Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce and Gabbana just has everything -- definitely the world.

Minor Arcana

The Suit of Pentacles

Talk about earthly possession because Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra definitely oozes all the gold and glitter and just prosperity. All hail.

The Suit of Cups

Another train I haven't ridden is SZA in Versace just brought love and feeling and all that wonderful emotion. I'm so in love.

The Suit of Swords

Maybe it's a little too literal but I couldn't get Lana Del Rey in Gucci out of my mind. She nailed it completely and utterly with the swords piercing her heart (and mine).

The Suit of Wands

And finally, Queen Mindy Kaling in Vassilis Zoulias was just hands down inspirational. The dress (and the bow details), the hair and just her regal she looked. I need more of this in my life. 

There were so many other looks from the Met Gala that I wish I could have included, but I had to narrow it down. Did you have any favourites? I'd love to hear which ones you loved and which ones reminded you of things. I can't wait.

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