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Currently: May 2018

Currently: May 2018

May was a pretty crazy, busy month. So crazy busy, it's taken me this long to finally sit down and look back on it. Nevertheless, it was a fun one. Lots of family interaction, lots of friend-time. Not a lot of me-time (which I'm supposed to be doing more of) but there's always time to fix that. What's even crazier is by the end of June (in less than 30 days now), we will be halfway through 2018. I can't even imagine that.


  • I didn't get a chance to write about it at length but my trip to Manila for my cousin's wedding was pretty amazing. It was lovely to cram as many kid's birthdays and godchildren visits (as you can see above) before the wedding weekend. But it was also strangely lovely to go up to Baguio with the entire family (plus wives + girlfriends of the brothers) this time around. It's hard going around with so many folks but it was quite nice.

  • I tried not keeping my hopes up on the entire *NSync reunion thing but I guess beggars can't be choosers. It's been way too long since they were all together and it was so lovely to see them (even if they didn't perform a single song). When is the Vegas residency, Mr. Timberlake? You've got to give us something, someday!

  • For more music in my life, my kumare (aka the mother of my godchild, Lucia), Chrissy tagged me in a meme that had me diving deep into the anals of my music listening and it was fun to actual see how much pop I indulge in and the reasons I fell in love with the music anyway. I miss listening to album start to end. I'm going to try more of that now.

  • And wrapping up my music loving for the month, Shawn Mendes finally released his self-titled album and because I've been in love with Lost in Japan. I haven't listened as many time as I'd like to but I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be a contender for our annual end-of-the-year favorites list. Not hyping it at all.

  • Every year I look forward to the Met Gala but this year felt so much more lovely. I don't know if it's because I'm looking at a lot more tarot content than I was in the past (all thanks to Chinggay for sure), but the fashion this year was oh so very inspiring. Here's to more inspiration this year. The theme. The ladies. Everything was gorgeous.

Working On

  • I finished my 2nd ever half marathon and though my knees hurt prior while training, they were quite well-behaved during the actual race. I probably should get the knees checked but I suppose I'm still in denial. It's not like the knees hurt a lot or all the time. So I suppose I should start working on resting and recovering.

  • It took me a while to figure out how to record a podcast when the person you're interviewing is not in the same room as you, much more in a different country. I think, it worked. More than the content of the podcast, which was also super fun to do, I'm more just in awe that reading something off the internet and setting it up myself works!

  • Legitimately finding me time -- aka nap time. My reading with Chinggay this month told me to hermit it up but I was stubborn and just going against the intuition. I suppose I was letting my feelings flow. But I also need to recoup and not be so active and social and just stare into space and take as many naps as I want. There is no shame in napping. Naps are amazing


  • I'm finally down to one skein of yarn left on my sister, Pamy's long-time-coming shawl. I have 2 knitting projects lined up and I hope those don't take forever but this one felt like a century and a half-coming. I'm so happy to be seeing new thread and new counts. That last skein though is taking a lifetime. One stitch at a time, I suppose.

  • Queer Eye is apparently coming back next month!!! I am not prepared for this but I am also so glad they didn't make us wait forever for the next season. I mean, this is the literal strike while the iron is hot and thanks to it being on Netflix, the regular seasons don't really count for anything. There is no such thing as over saturation for me with the Fab 5. I literally stalk them on all social media. I continue to struggs to func without them.

Keep It

I tried staying away from the Yanni or Laurel brouhaha as long as I could but caved for like 2 seconds when my sister would not stop about it. These internet memes can be fun (and forgettable) but somehow this one just irked me. And though I didn't let it get to me too much, the coverage was incessant. Muting keywords on Twitter has been my best friend.

Sing, Dance and Eat Things

Sing, Dance and Eat Things

I Want It All

I Want It All