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Currently: February 2018

Currently: February 2018

February was an interesting month and not only because it's my birthday month but because the 28 days was such a sharp contrast to the faux longevity of January. I'm always biased towards my love for February that despite all the actual stress I went through this month, it all kind of gets erased in the haziness of my recollection. I can't wait till the next February.


  • I definitely was excited for the Bali birthday weekend and was looking forward to it before and was on a high from it after. I should probably schedule more mid-month trips even if only for a weekend somewhere just so there's something to look forward to. The only downside is it's so hard to concentrate at work before the trip but is that really a downside?
  • I'm not usually one to be materialistic and all but my birthday gifts this year were pretty damn amazing. Saying goodbye to 30 hasn't looked this good. From make-up to knitting parties to kinfolk like gospel stories to the lovely birthday cards (and all the lovely people who remembered and greeted me), I just have to give it to my loved ones and to everyone that greeted me. But most importantly, I got microphones for better podcast recording! Not just one mic, I now have two! One for recording at home and one for recording outdoors. Now I really need to get recording more.
  • I take it for granted (and I clearly am not very good to my bank account), but I'm super loving the fact and super grateful that I'm able to fly home to Manila when I want to and when I need to (but mostly when I want to). I'm able to still see friends for their weddings and for goddaughter's birthdays and when it's urgent to fly home, I know I can take a day off to be with friends. It's pretty crazy and I don't want to ever take this for granted but I'm grateful I'm able to.
  • I will take every single public holiday given to me and the Chinese New Year weekend was a pretty crazy and chill one. I was able to spend Kaulin's birthday with him and stayed out super late (or super early in the morning -- not how I thought I'd spend my CNY) and I was able to chill with my siblings and meet up with ex-colleagues and the friend groups that came with that. I saw my ex-boss Patrick and one of our great clients-turned-friends, Adryz for the best lamb barbecue ever. I also saw Chris and the amazing ladies he introduced me to, Erica and Denise (and Denise's super cute family) for the best auntie-afternoon drinking ever. Chinese New Year weekend was amaze and I didn't even need to go out of Singapore to enjoy.
  • Entertainment was pretty good this month. Like super duper good. I had to break this up into further bullet points because I can't even.
    • I was sufficiently distracted and obsessed with Queer Eye & Black Panther that I literally struggs to func. I've followed everyone in both casts on social media and I'm just obsessing and shipping everyone. At first, I thought I wanted Lupita with Michael but then I also like her with Chadwick. I don't know. I like this love triangle. Someone send me fic. I need RPF. I also just want to be best friends with everyone from Queer Eye. Can they make over my life? Because I need it, I really do. 
    • I didn't get to write about it but the Winter Olympics was CRAZY. I didn't even think I'd like watching Curling but I did! And all the Snowboarding stuff just made me feel inadequate as a person. But really, the thing that owned my heart was Figure Skating. Everything. Everyone. But mostly, #VirtueMoir. I am full on obsessed with this non-love team love team. They need to get together and have babies already. I've gone on a spiral, guys. I'm obsessed. 
    • I also didn't get to spaz about Shape of Water but that movie was AMAZING. I haven't seen a lot of the Oscar-fare but this was just visually amazing. I feel bad for Vincent who watched with me and Pamy but it was just a sight to behold. Guillermo Del Toro needs all the awards. Sally Hawkins needs everything. A visual treat!

Working on: 

  • Because of Queer Eye, I finally caved in and signed up for Netflix (instead of mooching of other people's accounts) and because of this, I feel the need to really make the most of my subscription and so I'm on a warpath to make sure I watch every single rom-com there is on the service. I'm working my way through it but really need to get to Irreplaceable You.
  • With all this CNY craziness, it was pretty difficult to find time to record Episode 3 of the Podcast, but I'm definitely going to given the new gear and my 'must continue my projects' attitude. Also, I've added the 2 episodes to Stitcher so that non-IOS folks can have an option to listen to it with less hassle. I'm looking at you, TGS.
  • With the advent of Spotify, I've kind of missed the careful curation that came with mixtape. Having to decide which 13-15 songs you could 'burn' into a CD was a lot of pressure and getting it just right cause once you burn the CD, it's done. So having to make one again was a fun experience that had me thinking pretty hard and also reminded me of high school. One of my favourite things about that time. 


  • I'm extremely excited for wedding number 2 in Sorsogon this time around for Marla and Anton's nuptials. I haven't ever been to Sorsogon but also the last Candy wedding was in November 2016 for Teeff & Marsh and I'm so excited to see everyone after so long!
  • I'm super behind on all of the Academy Award movies and I have no intention of watching ALL of them before the awards show but I definitely want to see the fashion, the opening monologue and who the winners are. I should probably get to watching Get Out, Lady Bird and The Post at the very least. Which ones do you guys recommend I check out?
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