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Struggs To Func

Struggs To Func

Over the Chinese New Year holiday, I happened to catch two very happening things in mainstream pop culture and they were glorious. Black Panther and Queer Eye. And just like Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye said they both left me struggs to func -- struggling to function but in the best way possible and not just in concept of the whole show but because of how extremely cute/hot/adorable the casts are.


I had heard amazing things about Black Panther from Twitter and EW and just generally everywhere so as soon as I had the chance to see it, I jumped on the opportunity to see it -- not realising I had bought tickets for an IMAX/3D experience. Luckily, Pamy was available for a last minute date and we braced ourselves for the awesome.

And true enough, the movie was amazing. But more than the movie being amazing in all aspects, I am now full on crushing on Chadwick Boseman and the entire cast (but mostly Chadwick because I have generously given Daniel Kaluya to Pamy assigned my little sister, Michael B. Jordan -- not a bad split, I must say). But really, Chadwick is not playing it safe when it comes to fashion and this entire Black Panther tour has been all 'unsafe' fashion choices that just work for him. 

And just the entire cast being adorable and cute throughout this press tour. Chadwick's laugh is just very cute (and also still very cute when he gets serious). Thanks to Buzzfeed & Youtube, I've gone on massive spirals. Michael B. Jordan doing anything. And together? Amazing. Even Freeman and Serkis are too cute. And the ladies. Oh goodness. Danai, Lupita, Angela and Letitia were just divine. I could go on and on and on. So instead, I will leave you with this.

Queer Eye in a Woke World

I remember being alive and lucid for the first wave of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (and I actually really enjoyed it) so when I heard about the plans for a remake on Netflix, I was a bit hesitant. But after hearing really good reviews from my brother (who isn't the easiest to please), I thought why not. 

What a great decision that was. We started watching the first four episodes at my brother's place but decided to continue over at my place because I could not go on this week if I did not finish all 8 episodes in one go. And they were glorious. 

The casting was perfect because it was going to be difficult to recreate the magic of the first show if the casting wasn't right but everyone is adorable and has their own thing (not just as a contribution to the show but personality wise). Personal favourites are Karamo because he's so damn handsome but Antoni comes a very very close second because how can one resist that cuteness (and he really really reminds me of American Idol's Kris Allen). 

Jonathan is over the top amazing and my brother made me watch a clip of him on Funny or Die's Gay of Thrones prior to his QE stint and you know he's a star. I can never figure out Tan's accent but his fashion choices are always on point and he's made all the guys look so good. And Bobby just deserves all the medals because I just want him to make over my life and my room and just help me out. 

Each episode was pretty amazing. Some of my favourites would be dad of 6 kids, Bobby Camp (that is a handsome dad) and adorable gay man, AJ (hello, harness!) and living in grandma's house, Remy (because he lived in his mom's old room with zero complaints). And honourable mention goes to the Ken-doll-lookalike but non makeover, Micah Cushing of the Covington, Georgia Fire Station. Because like Karamo, I was enthralled by him. 

Now I need more of them in my life so what do I do? I follow everyone on social media of course. I'm sure a season 2 is on the way so Netflix better get on it SOON because I am crushing hard on these men and need need more. I am struggs to func without them. Help.

Best Days Ahead Of Me

Best Days Ahead Of Me

Goodbye, 30

Goodbye, 30