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Currently: December 2018

Currently: December 2018

And we’ve made it to the end of the year. I’m as always, cramming books and projects and things I want to say I did in 2018 on the last day of the year. Today, I woke up and decided I was going to go for a swim. I did it. Will I be able to replicate this again? Probably not, but I’m crossing my fingers.

Here’s a look back at other things I did in December. Or at least things I attempted. Damn, we’re back here again.


  • At the start of the month, my team ( — comprising of my cousin Acid, her husband Toby, my sister Pamy and her friend CF) managed to complete our Ekiden run which is essentially a 42.2KM run divided unequally into 5 runners. I have to say I enjoyed this far more than my usual year end runs because the team aspect made it a communal thing (even if we never trained together). I ran my fastest 10.5KM ever and that was mostly driven by fear that by the time I reached the turnover station, our next runner would be the only one left. I wouldn’t mind another one next year. Any takers?

  • I don’t have too many groups of friends in Singapore but it was nice to meet them and have a chance to see the Manila folks in the flesh because of my dear friend Jo-Anne’s wedding. I do love seeing friends at the end of the year and just catching up and reflecting on the past 365 days. I did some tarot for some friends whom I also did tarot for at the start of the year and it was a nice way to close things out.

  • I really do love the holidays. The parents were in town for a chunk of the month and we spent Christmas for our 3rd year in a row in Singapore and I’d like to think we’re getting better at this holidays away from home (Manila) business. I still need to fine tune my good daughter skills, but I’d like to think I’m progressing.

  • We went painting one time last year with my siblings and because it’s year 3 of Christmas in Singapore, I’m running out of activities to do so I took a chance and luckily for me, the parents were game and really really into it. More into it than I expected. It was such a nice afternoon pretending we all knew how to paint. Some more successful than others.

  • My Tottenham Spurs kit. I’m new to this Premier League business but my cousins have been so welcoming to my dumb questions and shallow observations of the most handsome team in the league (in my eyes). It feels weird wearing the kit in public (meaning the short bus ride from my house to my cousin’s house to watch the games) but I don’t mind having Jan Vertonghen’s name on my back (swoon, I swear). This is the nearest I’ll get to him anyway.

Working On

  • Year end odds and ends: from my family’s tradition of coming up with our top 10 favourite songs released in 2018 (mine have yet to be added) to my year-ender livejournal entry (I will do this) to writing my time capsule letter (I write to my future self and lock it for a year and it ‘opens’ a year later — it’s very manual but very interesting to read 365+ days later), there’s a lot of year-ending to do and I’ll get to all of them, before the clock strikes midnight.

  • I recorded my last podcast for the year with the amazing Malini and I’m just really grateful for having had the chance to do this fun little project. I’m still thinking how to continue this in the new year — in whatever form it takes, but I would like a season 2. Hit me up with inspiration!

  • My future media empire ladies (Chinggay and Macy) and I released not one but two newsletters this month (we belatedly discuss Younger and holiday movies)! We were on fire to be honest and I want to thank these ladies for pushing me to do better and just deliver. They are machines in the best sense of the word. I hope to be as efficient as them in the new year.


  • Ever since he’s announced his tour, I’ve been waiting for John Mayer tickets to go on sale. I don’t know when it’s happening but I hope I can get some, any. I honestly don’t have to see him up close as long as I can see him without having to strain my eyes/neck too much. I am very excited.

  • The new year (no shit). I know these false starts are all arbitrary and you can choose to start things at any time, but I am looking forward to all the new things 2019 will bring. I don’t have too many solid plans, just all the possibilities and I can’t wait.

Keep It

2018 drama and negativity can stay in 2018. I know everyday is a new day to do things differently but I found myself falling into the same traps and silliness and regressing a bit in 2018. I know 2019 will still find me going back on bad habits but I hope I can keep the bad of 2018 in 2018 and learn something new and do things differently in 2019. Here’s to kindness in 2019.

How were your 2019s? Tell me something good.

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