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Currently: November 2018

Currently: November 2018

You guys, there is buy 31 days left to 2018. Where did this year go? I honestly don’t know. Looking back on past entries, it’s crazy how much of this year is done and also, how much I’ve managed to do — and also how much more I wish I did.

November was an interesting month. There were concert brawls and weddings and surprise birthday trips. There was dinner with friends and meeting their wives and waking up to meet my siblings for breakfast (this is a feat for us)! There was spinning and twinning and running and singing.


  • The first weekend in November had us going to a team mate’s lovely wedding at Capella (I’ve never been to before) and though it’s now known as the venue for the Singapore Summit, I’ll remember it as Josh & Michelle’s wedding venue. I love going to a good wedding and this one had amazing food and a great love story. I have to say I did get teary eyed at their video, but we all know I’m a sucker anyway.

  • I also love that I was able to do a quick surprise trip to Taiwan for Macy’s birthday! She went with me to Bali for my birthday so it was nice to be able to do the same ish thing for her. And I love that I did no planning and literally just showed up because she and Mimi had done a superb job of detailing a crazy itinerary. I felt so spoiled.

  • I’m really loving Ariana Grande’s single, thank u, next among more music that got me dancing (and thinking of hot guys dancing) this month. I’ve gotten into a groove thanks to all the Spotify recommendations, but this month, I also went back to some oldies. And by that I mean the 80s.

  • And because it always takes a while for me to convince colleagues and friends to pose for a #twinsiesemoji photo, I’m glad that my friends at work were down to not only match (they matched one day but I didn’t get their photo, so I reminded them to wear it another day!) but also do the pose willingly. That’s true friendship right there.

  • I’ve waxed poetic about my love for Younger in the past but I have to bring it up again because our Future Media Empire’s third volume of our newsletter came out and it revolved around our mutual love of the show. Sign up for the newsletter to receive the next one or read up on the last one you missed.

Working On

  • I finished the last infinity scarf I was working on for my friend, Khriz and though I have like 4 projects worth of yarn for myself — because I’m not sure what I want to do just yet, I thought I’d make my favorite mates/cousins/sports parents their home team’s scarves. I’m only halfway through the first one, but I’m excited to see it come together. I hope I can finish it before the holidays.

  • No matter how early I order the holiday cards, sitting down to write what little I do write is still impossible. I’m doing bit by bit and hopefully I get to send all of them out on time because I hate it that I procrastinate this part. Still, this is definitely my favourite holiday tradition.

  • I am not ready for 10.5KM. I know I’ve survived the last 2 runs I did but I don’t think my brain can do a 10.5KM anymore. I just check out and want to quit like 2KM in. Still, this should be fun cause I’ll be running with the cousin’s and sister.


  • I signed up for swimming lessons because I can conceptually swim but it doesn’t mean I’m actually going to complete 1 lap of a pool and I would like to do it especially since my knees aren’t doing great. I’ve always had Olympic dreams and so step 1, actually learn to do laps. Let’s see how this goes.

  • And in the biggest fluke in history, my university is actually in the men’s college basketball finals. I don’t have much school spirit but it’s hard to ignore this. We were never known to be good at basketball. And yet this time around, we made it to the freaking finals. I'm very tempted to fly home for Game 2 to be honest. UP FIGHT.

Keep It

Things accumulating! I remember coming to Singapore with 2 pieces of luggage and now I have an entire room filled with things! I try to do at least one purge every year and it took me two weekends to go through all my things. I love the satisfaction of a ‘clean’ room after and it made me want to hang out in my room again, but I’m sure in no time, this is going to pile up again. I wish I could Marie Kondo it all! Except I probably won’t.

How was your November? Tell me something good.

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