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Young Folks

At the start of this year, I broke out my YM Girlz Rule 2001 calendar that they marketed as ‘365 days of love, looks, laughs and life’ and it definitely delivered as promised. I’m both glad and sad I didn’t open the calendar back when I was actually 17 because it was choc-ful of advise that mostly didn’t apply to me (I’m a late bloomer so to speak).

Now that I’m way too old for it, it’s so fun to look back and feel very Liza Miller from Younger — reliving my younger days minus her drama. Side note to say that Younger was one of my most favourite shows this year and I’m so glad I discovered it.

To add another side note to the side note (does this still make any sense?), Chinggay, Macy and I wrote about our collective love for Younger in our newsletter and it’s the most fun show to binge, so please go do that now.

And so as all the year-end lists come together, I’m citing my favorite tips from YM (all about boys, of course) that maybe I should put into practice one day, some day when I’m ready again.

  1. Are You Too Boy Crazy: The fact that I only documented the boy-related ones must say something and the fact that I did a podcast on dating this year must point to yes but I’m trying to not judge myself about this. But it’s also a nice reminder to stay focused on myself. Because why not, really

  2. I Love Me: I haven’t gone full on Cher (reminder to self to re-watch Clueless) and sent myself flowers but it’s always a good reminder — especially on Valentines Day which luckily is my brother’s birthday to celebrate the myself.

  3. I Can’t Stand Being Single: There are times when I’m feeling strong (now would be one of them, coming off the high of a vacation with the family), but there are also times when I’m feeling very low and feel very lonely in my singleness, Though the last sentence isn’t necessarily my end goal, the reminder definitely bears repeating

  4. Kind Kiss-Offs: Not that this has ever been a problem for me, but it’s always nice to end things nicely if that ever gets to that point. It’s also a reminder to not invest in things that aren’t even all that to begin with.

  5. Male Makeovers: Good wake up call (and not even in the physical sense of a makeover) but in all other aspects, if they aren’t willing to change, then you should be prepared for that and probably should be true to yourself as well.

  6. Boys Behaving Badly: Though I wouldn’t say I’ve experienced all these types, it’s always a nice jolt to try and see how I could be easily trapped by the following behaviours in my constant quest to impress the other person. Let me be impressed, please

  7. Ways to Get Over a Fella: Because a girl really could use all the help she could get on this. Complete with Lara Jean levels of letter writing and not sending. These parts, I wish I don’t have to go through.

  8. Get a Grip On what He’s Like: I love me a good personality test (MBTI, Eneagram and heck, the horoscopes too), so I am not knocking the palmist tradition that I’m not very good at but definitely willing to learn and look into. But also, yes, you can hold my hand

  9. Have You Taken the Lead In Love: It’s pretty crazy that I’ve done all five of these and though that says a lot about me, I’m also not the least bit regretful that I did it. Should I continue down the road? Maybe, but probably not all five at the same time

  10. Jerk Appeal: I’m definitely lucky to have generally nice guys on my radar but it’s always a great idea to look back on this and make sure we’re not on the highway to assholery because really you just never know

  11. You Rule: The calendar is after all named Girlz Rule and so it’s appropriate that this Confidence Clues page was there because I didn’t usually pay attention to this section (or at least they didn’t resonate with me) but this one, this one definitely did.

  12. Games Guys Play: Sometimes, I’m a bit too forgiving and it’s something I need to be a bit tougher about in a self-preservation kind of way. Calling them out is always tough a but we all need that sometimes.

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