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You Say Witch Like It’s A Bad Thing

You Say Witch Like It’s A Bad Thing

I’ve never been big on Halloween, which makes me a stick in the mud for friends that actually like dressing up and all for that. I try to come in the most basic Halloween costumes — meaning I look into my closet and see what clothes I have and what I can make out of it. Case in point, I went as Rose the Riveter one time when I was forced to dress up because I had most of the pieces. On a quick side note, I think Zach Braff is on point with this timely costume, but I would need abs for this. So no, thanks.

I think my favourite costume was from when I was a kid, and my very Catholic and really prayerful mom thought it was a great idea to dress me up as the DEVIL. Litearlly Satan, in my red jacket with a hood that horns on it (she sewed it on) and red leggings, my red slip ons and my red belt that she braided a tail on. And she gave me a mask for my eyes (maybe in an attempt to hide me a bit), and she drew on a moustache because clearly that was devilish.

It was my favourite costume because I felt comfortable as hell and relative to all my other classmates who were in literal Disney Princess costumes, I definitely stood out. I think at that point, I wish I were a princess. But let’s be honest, me in a princess costume would have been very odd. I was the girl that did not look good in cupcake dresses. So thanks, mom. Truly. I loved that costume.

And one last story about Halloween. In 2014, I went to Tokyo and it happened to be Halloween weekend, and Shibuya Crossing had teenagers dressed in costumes and would only cross the street when the pedestrian light was a STOP. This was my over-all nightmare: 1) anarchy 2) costumes and 3) too many people. I left my sister, Pamy there because I was overwhelmed and anxious AF.

But I digress, a lot. That entire preamble was just to get into how I’m not much into Halloween. However, there are 2 things I don’t mind about Halloween or ‘spooky’ stuff: which is witches and zombies. I love a good witch/wizard story (hello, Harry Potter) and zombies (but only when it’s not so serious — I can’t do The Walking Dead). And so it was so so so fun to find out that Kiernan Shipka (my style icon and life peg, even as she starred as little Sally Draper on Mad Men), is starring in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

I watched the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch series with Melissa Joan Hart and loved it and kind of wished I were a witch. I hope this series isn’t a super serious one, because I’ll be honest, I gave up on Riverdale because it was just a bit much for me. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it has a rad soundtrack (at least in the trailer) and the over-all aesthetic is just gorgeous and lush and rich. I will definitely give it a try and hope I enjoy it because I don’t mind a new show.

So in the spirit of Halloween coming up — and you can’t get me to watch a horror film, my siblings can attest to that — here are the other zombie-related things (let’s be honest, they’re more like fun-zombie things) I actually enjoy:

Zombie Tarot

I know, I didn’t even know this was a thing — until I saw it at a bookstore and was too cheap to buy it, but then Chinggay was doing a clearing out of her decks and I thought, now is my chance. And true enough, The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead has been a joy

I’m enjoying it a bit too much. It’s not my usual decks (all bright and cheerful, usually), but in the spirit of Halloween, I think it fits the mood just right. I’ve been doing readings with it and it’s taking getting used to, but also just so on theme.


Probably the one I interact with the most is the CW’s iZombie starring Rose McIver in all her adorableness. I love this TV show so much, the cast is amazing. The food she makes out of brains makes me hungry every single time, and the cases are just amazing. I like the fact that Liv Moore (McIver) imbibes the deceased person’s personality once she’s ingested the brains. It makes for very fun episodes with different personalities.

It doesn’t hurt that Rob Thomas (not the Matchbox 20 one; the Veronica Mars one) made it, so there’s that hint of mystery, but I like their take on zombies especially now as the seasons have progressed. I’ve never read the graphic novel it’s based on and I’m sad it’s ending after the fifth season, but I guess better to end on a high ish note?

Warm Bodies

I was given the book as a birthday gift and I’m a sucker for a great cover and Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion had it. I read it back in 2011 and I clearly enjoyed it. It was interesting the way it was written, from the consciousness (or what was left of it from the zombies). I clearly enjoy zombie-related media where the zombie isn’t a thoughtless, brain-eating entity. I love the backstories and how things turned out this way.

I didn’t realise until now, that there was a sequel and subsequently, a third book to be released this year (because it has to be a trilogy)! I don’t quite remember all the details of the book but maybe I’ll give it a try. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie version as much as I did the book, but Nicholas Hoult is always a treasure.

Train to Busan

This movie was pretty much a no brainer because it had Gong Yoo in it and I may have been in love with him for a long time — let’s be real, I’m still in love with him. It was a bit more serious than my usual light zombie fare, but it was also pretty seriously epic. The way they shot it and the way the zombies would turn both freaked me out but not enough to not watch the movie.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that Gong Yoo is looking mighty fine in this one, even if he plays a father. I’m never a fan of kids in movies especially zombie ones because you know they slow EVERYTHING down and are highly likely to get their parents turned. I would rather they made the kids the zombies. It helped that the kid in this movie was actually really cute and not as annoying as I thought they would be. So snaps all around.

A sequel without Gong Yoo or any of the original cast though? I’m not so sure. But who knows, maybe it’ll have the same vibe. I’m a bit skeptical though.

Pride & Prejudice and Zombies

Also in the book category, I liked Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith (and Jane Austen, obviously) way more than I did the movie version, but beggars can’t be choosers. I like the premise of it all. And I definitely enjoyed this series the most out of all the Monster Mash (I didn’t even know if this is an official thing).

The movie version gave me high expectations because it had EVERYONE in it: Matt Smith, Lily James and I mean everyone. But it was just alright for me considering it was Austen and zombies together. Basically my jam. I guess it didn’t help I watched it on an airplane and may not have given it my full attention. I’ll try watching it again and see how I feel the second time around.

Shaun of the Dead

Finally, I credit Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright for making me see zombies in a totally different light in this movie. Thanks to my brothers for introducing me to this brilliance. Because this one demystified the zombie genre to me. I didn’t have to be so scared of them! It was funny and light and sometimes poignant. Sure I also watched this in the middle of the day, but that was part of the fun. It wasn’t meant to freak me out!

And so with that, I’m hoping Halloween this year isn’t one where I have to dress up. Instead, I plan on watching some Sabrina and maybe a zombie movie or two. What are you up to this Halloween?

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