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Currently: August-September 2018

Currently: August-September 2018

Hot damn. I’m regressing back into my old ways of feeling slightly obliged to do things or just pretty lazy to do things. I don’t know why. It’s not like I didn’t start this year with high hopes and expectations for myself, but I guess I fall into the old ways anyway.

Nevertheless, I’m here and the months of August and September were actually quite eventful with 2 holidays back to back (I know, first world problems), but it was fun and it was nice to be with family and friends and get away from real life even for a bit.


  • All the travel I was able to do! I’m always super grateful that I’m able to fly out and see siblings and friends and explore new places and this year was no different. Seeing the siblings in California and New York and seeing my nephew in Oregon really makes me feel very blessed

  • I also am super loving the fact that France won the world cup because the embassy was extra generous with my visa for Europe. Hello, Berlin, Helsinki and Athens! I will write about it soon, but seeing friends like Jenny and Roy and finally meeting Kriztel and Maik made it all the more worth it. I know Europeans are all over Asia but I guess that’s how me, an Asian feels about Europe. The grass really is greener.

  • Spending time with my half-Norwegian nephew is a crazy time. This child is the cutest but also the naughtiest. It’s so fun to spend 10 minutes at a time with him because that’s all I can physically do. I’m amazed by his mother (my cousin, Nikki) because she is a superwoman. I am an aunt and that’s all I want to be right now.

  • I was also able to attend the F1 Night Race in Singapore for the very first time! After years of watching on TV with my dad, I got to go with my cousin Acid and her husband, Toby (also known as my East Coast sports parents that encourage and invite me to watch any and all sports events live). It was glorious. I can’t wait to bring my dad next time.

  • I said goodbye to some colleagues of mine who turned out to be amazing friends and though that’s actually pretty sad, I love that I’m able to still keep in touch with them. Making friends as an adult (and at work at that) is always quite tough, but I’ve been pretty lucky. The best part is seeing them incredibly happy and just excited about their next adventures. Good times, all around.

Working On

  • Finishing my knitting projects! I tried bringing it with me when I travelled and I did get some of it done, but I have one more project that needs to be finished by the end of the year, so I’m definitely cramming this current one. I’m liking how it’s going and I realised I really do like knitting. No, shit.

  • Catching up on all the books I haven’t read is not easy, thankfully, those plane rides helped! Also you know what helps? Reading things you actually enjoy. I went through this phase where I would refuse to quite a book even when I wasn’t feeling it. Now, I quit right away! Who knew quitting made sense.

  • That project I spoke about with Macy and Chinggay before? Well volume one is out and volume 2 is coming out soon so sign-up if you care to read about our shared loves for lots of things. It’s fun and hey, it gets me in a writing mood (see look at it spilling over here).


  • Getting back into my routines. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting away but I also really love going back to my day-to-day (minus the work bit). Still, I like my bed and eat all my usual food and watch all my shows and just go home to the same place. I do love an adventure, but I like my routine much more. And so I welcome and embrace it fully.

  • I was reading this book about timing — in the hopes it would clue me in on the best times to do things (and it did to a certain degree) but it also told me there was so many arbitrary places to start doing things and now that the final quarter of 2018 is upon us, I might as well start afresh. I’m excited for this last quarter and whatever else it will bring.

Keep It

Laundry. I don’t know why I sweat so much but I find myself doing laundry all the time. Of course, it gets worse when I actually go on trips and come back and didn’t do laundry beforehand so now all I have is a mountain of things to wash. And it’s not like it’s not easy, it’s so easy to pop things in the machine, but I hate the taking it out and hanging it and folding and putting it back in. If I could go on and never have to do laundry again, I would be all for it.

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Heart It Races

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