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Currently: October 2018

Currently: October 2018

October as was the other months came and went just like that. It’s pretty crazy because I know it took me a while to catch up over the past couple of months and now that I am caught up, look it’s the end of the month. It was a good month though. Not what I was expecting but that’s always better, right?


  • Being back in town (and not traveling this month sounds like a really prissy problem), but I’m loving being back in my own bed and getting back into routines. It was so nice to catch up with friends without rush or hurry. I went to a lovely house warming of my friend Suren who moved further east but has such a great space. It was so nice to hang out with his baby, Rumi and eat a shit ton of chicken adobo and nasi lemak sambal. I also got to catch a semi-finals of WTA with my sports mates — and seeing it three years in a row, I’m always inspired to get better at tennis.

  • I can’t believe I didn’t watch Bodyguard on the BBC until now. Not only did Chinggay prepare me for Richard Madden’s magnum opus, but I actually saw previews and reminded myself. But life got in the way and finally, I’ve started it. At 6 episodes, there isn’t a lot to go through, but it’s been so intense, I’ve had to limit myself to one episode a week (I’m but 2 episodes deep). I know, how crazy disciplined right? Not really.I I’ve been blown away week on week and I want it to last forever.

  • I wasn’t expecting to enjoy A Star Is Born as much as I did, but I truly did. I knew my sister would be into this movie. She loves a good musical. but then I saw it with lowered expectations despite my entire Twitter feed just throwing all the Oscar praises for it. But then. Unsurprisingly, I loved it. Goddamn, Bradley Cooper for directing this so well. Lady Gaga acting so incredibly and just singing her heart out. And selling the hell out of this love team. My key takeaway though, Bradley Cooper should have taken more showers. I would have enjoyed this tenfold if he had.

  • I went through a really good streak of reading (mostly after I added my teammates to my Goodreads account) but no matter what the cause was, I’m glad to have caught up on my reading goal. And with all my Younger obsessing, I actually read the companion book Marriage Vacation which was written by Charles’s ex-wife Pauline and though I wasn’t a fan of her character on the TV show, I actually really really enjoyed her book — probably one of my favorites this year! I’m surprised myself!

  • In my current work, I work with a lot of engineers who happen to be based in Bulgaria and this month, one of three engineers I speak to almost daily (but have never met!) was visiting Singapore for work. And it was so nice to finally meet one of them in person. They were so sweet and brought me presents from Sofia. I’ve never been there but I was honestly touched when the meeting started out and he pulled out a gift from the three engineers I work with. Tears. Sometimes, there are silver linings to the work — working with really awesome, kind people.

Working on

  • So Macy, Chinggay and I (aka our future media empire) have been working on the newsletter which I mentioned last time around and in case you haven’t subscribed yet, it would be great if you do, because I really like working on our newsletters. We’ve had two issues come out and it’s been a bit of an overshare, but I suppose that’s the nature of it. I’m not sure what volume 3 will be about yet, but I’m excited to find out.

  • After ten years off, I finally got together with the future media empire ladies again to help me record my latest podcast. It’s hard to pivot or come up with content when there isn’t quite the vibrant social life but I think there’s something interesting there nevertheless. I hope you find it interesting, too. Despite the lack of action.

  • I finally finished Becky’s shawl and so now I’m moving on to Khriz’s infinity scarf. I think I should stick to scarves because the shawls and the blankets take up too much time and I have zero patience. I’m really liking working with a smaller needle and with the actual correct length of needles for my work. Who knew it mattered? I also have so much thread leftover from old projects and from my trips that I should probably think about my next projects. Clearly, I’m getting ahead of myself. New knitting project


  • It’s the season of Hallmark Christmas specials and even better, I discovered a the Deck the Hallmark podcast with three guys talking about the specials. It’s been both entertaining and super funny and gives a new dimension to Hallmark movies that love to watch and hate on when appropriate. But really, holiday movies just signals the start of the holiday season and I am all for this.

  • Finally, it’s going to be holiday card season soon. I love going through all the possible designs and then finding a way to personalise it. I’m really excited to send them out this year, and I hope I get to do it without the usual rushing I end up doing no matter how early I start. Maybe this year, I’ll get it right.

Keep It

Getting sick. I don’t know why but for some reason, my immune system isn’t that great. I know, I should drink vitamins, but really, should I? I literally went out once (after forever and a day), stayed up till a very ungodly hour and boom, 2 days later, I have the worst sore throat and it stays with me for a week. How is that possible?! I hate being sick.

And on a more serious note, I also hate serious illnesses. A friend back home is looking for help for her fiance’s bone marrow transplant and any help will be appreciated. As horrible as it sounds, everything gets put into perspective. Thanks for sticking around, friends.

Party Of One

Party Of One

You Say Witch Like It’s A Bad Thing

You Say Witch Like It’s A Bad Thing