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Start of Something New

Start of Something New

I honestly don't know what made me finally bite the bullet. But it's been a lot of dawdling back and forth and sheer attachment to things of old, but I guess I paid the yearly fee so I've got to commit to this for at least a year. Because that's commitment these days -- the length of your subscription plan.

The new year just feels a lot more dramatic and gives you 364 days to laze away until the next year rolls around

So here I am, starting off a new blog. What will this be about? I'm not sure. What's the online persona? I really don't know. But I'm starting it anyway -- which is step 1. This year is my year of just trying things out and being more patient with myself. I'm always so impatient with how I envision things to be that I end up procrastinating and never starting anything because I haven't planned it out to the tiniest detail. 

As arbitrary as the new year is, it's always so fun to think of all the new possibilities the year has to offer. When technically, each new day shows the promise of a new start, the new year just feels a lot more dramatic and gives you 364 days to laze away until the next year rolls around. So here goes the attempt at something new in 2018. 

Other things I'm going to try out this year: podcasting, dating and maybe podcasting about dating. Before the podcast was even a thing, I remember recording pseudo podcasts with my good friend Ana using Posterous to host the podcasts and Photobucket to host the photos and because we were horrible at backing things up, those are lost to the hallows of web services gone awry but based on the descriptions of our five-episode run, it was pretty damn random. I was much more gung-ho back then and way less OCD about things that we'd record in her backyard -- complete with ambient noise. And I don't recall even editing the episodes but looking back on the photos, they were pretty fun. 

So this year, I think I sort of have an idea on what the podcast will be. I haven't thought of the logistics just yet but I know that it'll be me talking and talking. I've had some initial conversations with friends who I could speak to just so that it's not just me rambling and instead me talking over someone. Now that I've written this out, I'm a bit accountable to release one thing at the least so I hope that happens soon.

I'm also going to try to date some more. I'm a self-proclaimed late bloomer (or later than most) having only attempted this dating thing for 3 years tops with very few false starts. So even though I've had a taste of seeing people, it's always been an undefined, only serious thing for one of the parties -- spoiler: it was me! So this year, I'm looking to live that dating movie montage where I transition from dating one guy to another.

I know it's quality and not quantity. Looking at my past ~dating~ history, there isn't much quantity there. I figured I have to at least try to date in quantity to find the quality. At the same time, the quantity will prevent me from fixating and obsessing on the one and instead be distracted by the many. This is not a proven theory and this could all blow up in my face, but again, baby steps and patience! Two things I'm not very good at but will also try to be better at this year. 

So here's to 2018. May it be everything we hoped it would be or better!

Take Me To Church

Take Me To Church