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Currently: January 2018

Currently: January 2018

How is it still January? I'm both surprised the month is almost over but also that it's still January!? I'm not the only one confused either. I get the 5 Mondays sort of makes it feel longer than usual but at the same time, it all went so by quickly with so much happening in between that I'm not sure how to keep track of everything.


  • Spending the New Year in a completely new way: Ami asked everyone to dress up Great Gatsby style and come out to Lantern for the New Years eve countdown and on the list of things I've done or want to do, dressing up and going out late at night are not high on the list. But the 2018 me thought it would be useful

  • Getting to see my nephew, Stellan in Manila and seeing how quickly he's grown up since I last saw him in August! I'm so happy I was able to hang out with my cousins after forever. I do wish we were all incredibly rich in time and resources and could just see each other whenever we pleased.

  • Catching up with friends in Singapore, those who visited in Singapore and friends when I spent a longish weekend in Manila. Social media and technology have aided in keeping touch and I'm quite annoying over What'sApp but it's still different to see them in the flesh and hear their stories live.   

  • Though I've been living in the East Coast for half 7 months now, I haven't really explored the area, but thanks to new friends and neighbours (who all happen to be colleagues), it's been fun going to new shops and cafes and restaurants all walking distance from my place. It's always nice to have new places to hang out. 

  • My sister Pamy invited me to go to a re:Sound's concert at Victoria Concert Hall. It was my first time at that gorgeous venue and I've never seen a chamber orchestra play live and it was quite breathtaking to watch them. I was a bit nervous though because I have a hacking cough that attacks with no warning and the place was so quiet that I would definitely have been kicked out if I started coughing like I normally do. Luckily, I did not. I also felt very cultured.

Working on: 

I’ve done it and it’s still a work in progress.
  • I finally started this blog and it's been fun to write again even if I still have this dread that I'm not doing things perfectly or how I want things to come out in my head. But I've done it and it's still a work in progress. But I've listened to far too much Pod Save America and their ads are insanely entertaining so I went with Squarespace. And so far, I'm not thinking of how much I paid but I'm really liking the interface!
  • Also, I finally recorded the 'podcast' (and I'm waiting for Apple Podcasts to approve, fingers crossed) that hopefully has more than one episode but I'm really glad I started them both, finally. Editing is tough and I'm still pretty bad at mic levels and fixing things. It definitely doesn't sound perfect but it was nice to just get it out. 
  • I played tennis again after not having played for a couple of weeks and let's just say, I'm still pretty bad, but I only lost one ball. Which is a HUGE improvement for me. Playing doubles is both confusing (because I never know who's supposed to take the ball) and reassuring (that I don't have to run after the ball each time). I clearly need to get better.


  • I'm not the biggest football fan but I do like watching the Superbowl Halftime Show. And though I haven't been the biggest fan of JT's latest singles, I'm still pretty excited to see his performance. I'm still conflicted about him given all the controversy but I'm still looking forward to whatever show he puts on. I hope it's good. 
  • February is also my birthday month (half of my siblings celebrate this month) and always my favourite month of the year! I'll be taking two weekend trips and I'm already exhausted thinking about those but they should also be pretty fun!
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Irreplaceable You

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