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Never Be The Same

Never Be The Same

Every end of the year, my brother asks us to compile a list of our favourite albums that came out that year. And though I constantly listen to music throughout the year to avoid cramming, I know that I still do end up cramming. has been instrumental in helping me figure it out but I thought why not share it with you, anyway.

Just like nicotine, heroin, morphine, suddenly, I’m a fiend and you’re all I need
Never Be The Same

Camilla Cabello's Havana made it to my top songs from last year because it was so damn catchy but early this month she released her album and I'm pretty impressed. I never considered myself a Fifth Harmony fan and honestly couldn't name the members if I tried but the Justin Timberlake effect of one member breaking away and making it quite big strikes again. I'm still listening to the rest of her album and though I can't pick my favourites, in time, I'm sure I'll have my faves. 

Your friends, my friends and they ain’t leavin’ till six in the morning

So Justin always catches me off-guard for the first single off his new albums. It was the same for Like I Love You, SexyBack, Suit & Tie. He definitely caught me off-guard with this single especially with his album being called Man of the Woods, this was not the single I was expecting. And sad to say that it's my favourite of the 3 songs he's released so far with Say Something coming second because I absolutely loved his collaboration with Chris Stapleton too much and Supplies coming in last because I just can't with that song right now. So this album is 1 for 3 and not the best odds so far. I hope the rest is better.

I can’t not be with you or be just your friend

I can't say I was ever the biggest Fall Out Boy fan but I have sort of followed their discography as things came out and this song just came out on a playlist of recommendations and so far the first 3 songs I've heard are pretty catchy (but then again, my standards for FoB are waaaaay lower than my standards for JT) and good to play on the background when I'm struggling to work out. 

I know you heard it from those other boys but this time it’s real, it’s something that I feel

I've liked George Ezra's songs ever since I heard Budapest and Barcelona and though I never got hooked on the rest of his album back in 2014, I do hope he releases something this year because if Paradise is any indication of it, it's sounding like a really fun track. Also, that opening shot in the video of his face (which I've never seen until I checked YouTube out for this post) combined with his voice saying, "my love" as the first line? Not a bad thing to look at, at all.

Take a little bit of my heart tonight
No, I literally don’t mind, just please don’t misplace it
Parallel Line

I first got obsessed with Keith Urban when heard a cover of Somebody Like You which I honestly still can't stop listening to. So because of this excessive listening, Spotify so kindly let me know that he released a new song which is apparently co-written by Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels and more. It's got Sheeran cheesiness all over it and I love that. I hope the rest of the album which comes out later this year is just enough country-pop for me to love.

I loved those days we couldn’t get out of bed
Left your taste in my mouth, all your words in my head
Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)

I've always been a Bleachers fan and Jack Antonof has always been a producer I look forward to collaborating with Taylor, so when this song came up on my Release Radar -- I didn't even realise it was for the movie, Love, Simon which is based on the YA novel, Simon Vs the Homo Sapien Agenda which I remember reading back in the day when I had more patience and less distraction. I'm honestly not sure I want to watch the movie but I do like how catchy this song is. 

My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out
I Won't Say I'm In Love

I'm super late to this party but I stumbled upon The Broadway Princess Party channel on YouTube (so many gems here including At the Beginning with Youand it's been a spiral to say the least. I was never a big fan of the movie, Hercules but this song has always been close to my heart. I like the dynamics between Megara and the Muses and it's brought to life by these wonderful Broadway Stars (none of which I'm familiar with cause Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan is the extent of my knowledge). Speaking of which, Laura Osnes (covering for Mandy Moore) has a great version of I See the Light with Zachary Levi. Warning: clicking on these could lead to a blackhole.

You say everything that no one says, but I feel everything that you’re afraid to feel;
I will always want you
— Crush

And finally, this has to be the biggest throwback ever but coming from the click holes on YouTube, I ended up on this song and still definitely in line with January's feelings. I hate that it's not on Spotify but seeing as Mandy isn't doing any new music these days (she's got that acting bug at the moment), it's fun to look back on her earlier-ish days when she attempted the pop star thing. I love this song. I think I always will. 

Currently: January 2018

Currently: January 2018

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Party Like it's 1999